Office of University Development

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Capital Gift Funding Policy

This document is intended to ensure that capital projects are fully funded at the outset of construction and partially shield against the inflationary costs of construction.

Deeply Anonymous Gifts Policy

The purpose of this policy is to honor the confidentiality of the donors and their advisors, respect the legality and confidentiality of estate planning documents and keep an open line of communication with all departments and foundations that benefit from such gifts.

Endowment Administrative Fee Policy

The administrative fee was implemented in January 2001 by the Board of Directors of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Foundation Investment Funds, Inc. The revenues generated by the fee are intended to support development activities and services both at the university and school/unit level.

Policy on Gift Acceptance

This policy governs the acceptance of gifts to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (the "University") and Associated Entities of the University and applies to all employees and volunteers responsible for supporting fundraising on campus.

Policy on Procedure for Outdoor Memorial or Marker Eligibility

The purpose of this Procedure is to define the eligibility for authorizing and placing permanent outdoor memorials and markers on UNC-Chapel Hill campus and/or properties.

Policy on the Engagement Center and Direct Mail Chargeback

The purpose of this Policy is to establish the University's cost-sharing method to help University Development's annual giving direct marketing services, including the engagement center and direct mail efforts.

Removal of Associated Entity Approved Status Policy

An Associated Entity must maintain its approved status from the University in order to receive University-provided services and in order to use any University names, logos, or marks. UNC System Office Policy 600.2.5.2[R] provides guidance with respect to revoking an Associated Entity’s approved status.

Standard on Endowment Types Gift Minimums

The purpose of this Standard is to establish the minimum endowment funding levels to appropriately support scholarships, professorships, programs, and other funding needs.

State of North Carolina Distinguished Professorship Matching Grant Program Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to stimulate private support and commitment to strengthening the faculties and promoting excellence the General Assembly established the Distinguished Professors Endowment Trust Fund to receive and match challenge grants to create endowed chairs for distinguished professors.

University Endowment Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure a universal understanding of the management and investment of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's endowment.