Deeply Anonymous Gifts Policy


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Policy on Deeply Anonymous Gifts



The purpose of this policy is to honor the confidentiality of the donors and their advisors, respect the legality and confidentiality of estate planning documents and keep an open line of communication with all departments and foundations that benefit from such gifts. 

Scope of Applicability

This Policy applies to all individuals fundraising on behalf of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-Chapel Hill).


Policy Statement

UNC-Chapel Hill observes donors' wishes for anonymity to anyone outside University Development, this policy applies when any fundraiser or office works with a donor on outright, deferred or pledged gifts, where the donor(s) specifically requests deep anonymity with regards to details of their charitable gifts.

Where permission to reveal names is not granted, the University Development Office (UDO) will create "Deeply Anonymous" records, where the details of the donor(s) will reside. The identity of these records will be known on a need-to-know basis and only to select individuals in the Offices of Gift Planning, Gift Services, and Principal Gifts. A notification memo will be provided to the recipient departments and foundations on the “Deeply Anonymous” record.

Planned Gifts

Due to the privacy of estate planning documents, those documents will only reside in the Deeply Anonymous records in the Office of Gift Planning (OGP). However, the OGP will work with each foundation to ensure that enough documentation is provided to satisfy auditing requirements. Additionally, departments and foundations will be advised of any changes in the gift that affects them.

An extra level of care is required when dealing with attorneys working on behalf of their clients and in the handling of estate planning documents. Attorneys are bound by a strict code of ethics and privacy on behalf of their clients and expect that same level of privacy from university representatives. All attorney and/or donor personal information will be redacted before providing any documentation.

The OGP will ask for relevant sections and the signature page of the document(s) that outline the specifics of the gift to UNC-Chapel Hill.

The OGP will not require a copy of an entire Will or Trust due to the sensitivity and confidentiality of the donors' planning.

If the OGP needs further clarification, the OGP will request a Deferred Information Sheet or Letter of Intent.


Planned Gifts: Planned gifts include those gifts that often require the assistance of a professional staff person or the donor’s advisors to complete the gift. A planned gift requires careful consideration by the donor considering their estate and financial plans. Gifts of real estate, securities, and other assets are planned gifts that may be given outright or utilized to establish a life-income gift plan to benefit a donor.

Contact Information

University Development Office

  • Title: Executive Director, Donor Relations & Revenue Management
  • Name: Candace Clark
  • Phone: 919-962-3967
  • Email:
  • Title: Executive Director of Gift Planning
  • Name: Elizabeth Ayers
  • Phone: 919-843-5289
  • Email:


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