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Procedure to request Waiver of competition to purchase product(s) and/or services(s) without competition when competition is otherwise required. This generally means that the product/service is unique and that the vendor is the only one from whom the product/service can be provided or that the brand specified is the only brand that will meet the requirements.
This Procedure is intended to help facilitate a quicker process for campus departments to engage with Community Collaborators as part of community outreach and to gather community feedback. Community Collaborators are a special category of Independent Contractors.
The purpose of this document is to describe the procedure on Independent Contractor Predetermination Process.
These Procedures set out the processes for addressing reports under the Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy.
This Procedure outlines the steps for seeking, evaluating, and granting requests for accommodations for Students and Applicants who are Pregnant or have a Related Medical Condition. Requests for absences pertaining to childrearing must be addressed without regard to the Student’s sex or gender.
The University's tax exemption status must be communicated to vendors prior to doing business.
When a non-resident alien is compensated for services performed in the United States other than wages, then they are classified as an Independent Contractor.
The purpose of this document is to describe the procedure on paying an Independent Contractor.
Payments for personal services may be processed in one of three ways.
The Campus Voucher must clearly indicate that the check requires special handling and includes the name and address of the individual to whom it should be returned.
When establishing a vendor in ConnectCarolina, users must include supporting documentation depending on the type of vendor. The university requires payees to receive payments electronically, so all vendors must fill out Finance Form 1218.1.2f when being added to the system for business transactions.
This procedure provides guidance on how to process payments to non-enrolled students via the Accounts Payable Campus Voucher system, which can not be processed in the GradStar system, as the majority of student financial aid payments are processed.
Maintaining an imprest checking account requires periodic replenishing of the bank balance, reconciliation and evaluation of the activities to determine the adequacy of the funding. The department should close the imprest checking account if the purpose for which the account was established no longer exists.
This document describes and serves as the repository for four Summer School forms: the Summer Administrator Form, the Instructor Nomination Form, the Other Instructor Nomination Form, and the Change Form.