Policy on Procedure for Outdoor Memorial or Marker Eligibility


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Procedure for Outdoor Memorial or Marker Eligibility



The purpose of this Procedure is to define the eligibility for authorizing and placing permanent outdoor memorials and markers on UNC-Chapel Hill campus and/or properties.

Scope of Applicability

This Policy applies to University administrators, fundraisers, and donors.


Outdoor Memorial or Marker Eligibility Criteria

  1. The subject must have made substantial contribution to UNC, or be an alumnus who has brought distinction to the University through personal achievement
  2. Memorialized persons shall have been deceased for at least one (1) year when the Board of Trustees authorizes the memorial/marker

Review Process

  1. Subject(s) names are submitted to the Naming Committee along with a brief bio addressing the two eligibility criteria, and a proposal for the memorial
  2. The Naming Committee researches and advises the Chancellor as to whether the subject(s) should be memorialized in the proposed manner
  3. The Chancellor sends the proposals to the Buildings and Grounds Committee for advice about site, design, materials and inscription.
  4. The Chancellor uses input from the Naming and Buildings and Grounds Committees to make recommendations to the Board of Trustees.
  5. The Board of Trustees must give final authorization for each proposal.

NOTE: The Chancellor will make any considerations regarding financing and will designate University agents to procure and install all memorials/markers.


In accordance to an agreement between the Chancellor's Naming and Buildings and Grounds Committees, honorary/memorial benches are exempt from the formal Outdoor Memorials and Marker Policy.

Related Requirements

External Regulations and Consequences


University Policies, Standards, and Procedures

Refer to the "Policy on Standards and Procedures for Authorization and Placement of Permanent Outdoor Memorials and Markers on Campus"

Contact Information

Primary Contacts

Protocol dictates that all correspondence with Donors is the sole responsibility of the Office of Development, and that development representatives serve as ad hoc liaisons with the following contacts.

For more information, please contact the Office of University Development at (919) 962-2336.

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