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Personal Attributes and Capabilities Essential for Admission, Promotion, and Certification for Adams School of Dentistry Students and Residents. Students and Residents are expected to have read and understood these standards.
Adams School of Dentistry Students and Residents are expected to meet all financial obligations to the University and to the ASOD.
To be eligible for promotion, students must successfully complete all course work and appropriate examinations/competencies, satisfy assigned patient care responsibilities, and comply with the technical standards for the semester under review. The determination of promotion is made by the Academic Performance Committee.
The Onyen (originally, the "Only Name You'll Ever Need") is a campus-wide identifier used to gain access to various electronic resources. The Onyen provides each University user with secure access and ensures proper authentication when used in accordance with this policy.
This Procedure outlines the steps for seeking, evaluating, and granting requests for accommodations for Students and Applicants who are Pregnant or have a Related Medical Condition. Requests for absences pertaining to childrearing must be addressed without regard to the Student’s sex or gender.
This Policy prohibits discrimination and harassment against a Student or Applicant1 based on Pregnancy and Related Medical Conditions and discrimination or harassment based on sex or gender related to a Student or Applicant’s actual or potential parental status pursuant to the University’s Policy on Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment and Related Misconduct and Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and the accompanying regulations.
This Policy prohibits (i) all forms of Discrimination and Harassment based on Protected Status; (ii) Sexual Violence and Sexual Exploitation, (iii) Stalking and Interpersonal Violence, which need not be based on an individual’s Protected Status; (iv) Complicity for knowingly assisting in an act that violates this Policy; and (iv) Retaliation against an individual because of their good faith participation in the reporting, investigation, or adjudication of violations of this Policy.
This policy addresses situations where financial aid payments are processed outside of the normal process of entering financial aid reimbursement into the GradStar system. When emergency situations arise, or if a student is tasked with conducting University business, or if the student is acting on behalf of a student organization, departments may utilize the campus voucher system in Accounts Payable for reimbursement purposes.
Students are expected to accept an offer only after careful consideration and to honor professional commitments.
University Career Services Privacy Policy
Student Eligibility to Use University Career Services
Student Agreement for Use of University Career Services
University Career Services (UCS) policy for students to request use of UCS interview rooms on 4th floor of Hanes Hall.
All students participating in virtual on-campus interviewing or virtual career fairs are responsible for knowing the policies for on-campus interviews and fairs sponsored by University Career Services.
Regular clinic, lab, and class attendance is a student obligation. A student is responsible for all labs, clinic/rotations, class sessions, and classwork, including assignments, projects, examinations, and other course requirements, for all scheduled meetings. No right or privilege exists which permits a student to be absent from any given number of labs, clinic/rotation, or class sessions.