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The purpose of the Policy on Escheats is for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to comply with North Carolina General Statute 116B, Escheats and Abandoned Property.
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ("UNC") One Card is a multipurpose identification card that also serves as a card for library and meal plan use, building access, copy and print services and access to campus events. This Cardholder Agreement document explains how to get a One Card, how to report a lost or stolen One Card, and financial responsibilities that come with having a UNC One Card.
This policy provides for efficient ways to procure small dollar items where the financial risks to the University are low and the State of North Carolina does not require competition.
The State of North Carolina requires competitive bidding for all items not available on State Term Contracts. The policy clarifies the dollar thresholds for the bid types and provides an estimated time line for each type.
This Policy establishes permissible use of open flame in exterior spaces of the University. This Policy applies to all exterior open flame activities on University property, whether that person in possession of the open flame or responsible for any open flame is a student, employee, or non-affiliate.
This policy conveys the requirements for the purchase of used equipment to ensure compliance with State of North Carolina procurement rules.
The University has designated an Emergency Coordinator(s) for all of its occupied buildings. This document describes what each Emergency Coordinator is responsible for before, during, and after an emergency.
The NC Fire Prevention Code (NCSFC) requires tents, canopies and other membrane structures to be evaluated for fire and life safety and a permit issued prior to any event that utilizes such a structure. The University Fire Marshal, in the Department of Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS), will be responsible for Carolina’s compliance with this requirement.
The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for safe work practices due to the inherent dangers and potential hazards associated with various types of complex equipment inside mechanical rooms. The potential for serious incident resulting in injury and/or property damage mandates that this policy be strictly enforced.
The University adheres to the State contracts for all types of furniture required for office and lounge areas. In general, contracts include all freight and installation in the quoted price.
This policy is to ensure compliance with the University's Small Order Policy and offer an efficient means of acquiring goods and services quickly at a lower cost.
The reason for this policy is to provide flexibility of mitigating risk associated with key procurements that require satisfactory delivery and installation by the vendor.
Extraordinary purchasing procedures may be used to accommodate emergency or "pressing need" conditions as defined here.
The University recognizes there are instances when it is necessary to procure a single-source purchase to meet current needs. This policy ensures the substantiation of such needs while adhering to state laws regulating fair bidding competition
This policy is to ensure that all purchases of goods or services made by faculty and staff at the University are in compliance with state statute (§ 143-48) as enacted by the legislature and implemented by the State Department of Purchase and Contract.