Standard on Endowment Types Gift Minimums


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Standard on Endowment Types Gift Minimums



The purpose of this Standard is to establish the minimum endowment funding levels to appropriately support scholarships, professorships, programs, and other funding needs. 


This Standard applies to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ("UNC-Chapel Hill" or "University") administrators, fundraisers, and donors.


Endowment Minimum Gift Levels

Endowed funds provide permanent support for UNC-Chapel Hill’s most important initiatives by generating a steady stream of income.

The minimum to establish a general endowed fund is $50,000. Other minimums apply to the specific endowment fund types described in the remainder of this document.

There is no minimum gift if you wish to contribute to an existing endowment.

Leadership Support

Chancellorship – $25 Million

A chancellorship will establish an endowment to support and/or recruit the chancellor.

Deanship – $7.5 Million

A deanship will establish an endowment to support and/or recruit the dean of a school.

Directorship – $3 Million

A directorship will establish an endowment to support and/or recruit the director of a program or unit.

Coach – $5 Million

An endowment for a coach will help support and/or recruit the head coach of an athletic team at the University.

Faculty Support - Professorships

Eminent Professorships – $5 million

An Eminent Professorship is the only endowed professorship that can create and fully fund a new senior faculty position at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Distinguished Professorships – $2 Million

An endowed Distinguished Professorship may be awarded to a faculty member at the rank of full professor for the duration of their full-time service at UNC-Chapel Hill. This professorship may be awarded to an assistant or associate professor for a time-limited, renewable period with a change in the working title of the endowed chair to Distinguished Fellow or Distinguished Scholar, respectively.

Term Professorships – $1 Million

A Term Professorship is typically awarded for a period of three to five years.

Professor in Practice – $1 million

A professor in practice is a senior field-specific expert whose contribution to teaching, research, or service is based upon a career of distinguished non-academic achievement. This is usually a fixed-term appointment and can be eligible for renewal. A professor in practice may also offer:

  • public lectures
  • provide service
  • leadership in their area of expertise to enhance academic programs and public service.

Visiting Professorships – $1 Million

A Visiting Professorship is used to attract outstanding scholars to UNC-Chapel Hill by invitation from other institutions for a short period of time, typically up to one year.

Curator – $1 Million

A curator is a faculty administrator who advances the University's mission through the acquisition, integration, and availability of library resources, historical papers, artifacts, collections, rare books, art, and other unique resources to enhance and support the academic and research pursuits of faculty, students and visiting scholars.

Research Fund – $500,000

An endowment to enable the University to support outstanding researchers who conduct valuable research.

State of North Carolina Distinguished Professorship Matching Grant Program

To stimulate private support and commitment to strengthening the faculties and promoting excellence the General Assembly established the Distinguished Professors Endowment Trust Fund to receive and match challenge grants to create endowed chairs for distinguished professors. UNC-Chapel Hill is committed to raising funds to be matched by the 2:1 State matching funds for an endowed professorship to serve as a supplement to salary and other resources to attract and retain experts in their field of study.

Student Support - Minimums

Undergraduate Need-Based Scholarships – $100,000

Payable over five years, gifts establish a named endowment fund used to help with college expenses.

Undergraduate Merit-Based Scholarships – $100,000

Gifts establish a named endowment fund to attract the most talented students.

Athletic Scholarships – $500,000

To recruit and support outstanding student-athletes.

Professional School Scholarships – $100,000

To recruit and support outstanding professional school students.

Graduate Fellowships – $500,000

To recruit and support outstanding graduate students.

Other Endowment Types and Minimums

Schools and units across campus offer a variety of endowment types to benefit students, faculty, and programs. Please visit their websites to learn more.



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