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The Adams School of Dentistry (ASOD) email system is an essential means of communication to facilitate the business of the School and its faculty, staff, and students. The purpose of this Standard is to ensure that the email and calendaring systems are used in the most appropriate manner.
Carrington Hall is generally open to the public from 7:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday. When the building is open for extended hours, only the doors on the ground floor will be unlocked unless it is specifically requested that other doors be unlocked. Students and visitors should be directed via signs to the unlocked doors. Requests for extended hours should be made to the Facilities Manager via email at least two weeks prior to the date needed.
This standard outlines a uniform method for named and endowed chairs and professorships within the School of Nursing.
Laurel Archer Copp, former Dean of the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Nursing, has endowed a fund to support an award to stimulate the scholarly writing of nursing faculty. Scholarly writing, for the purpose of this award, is defined as the creative use of words to achieve insight or impact on patient care, teaching, research or service.
The purpose of this document is to clarify the principles and guidelines that inform priorities for hiring of all faculty in the School of Nursing. Actual procedures are driven by current HR and EEO requirements and are not covered in this document.
The Dean's Student Advisory Council serves a communication link among students at all levels and the Administration of the School of Nursing through an active exchange of ideas and information. Each meeting will address specific agenda items developed by students and administrators relevant to any aspect of student life and learning at the University. The goal is to promote continual improvement in academic programs and the learning environment in the School of Nursing.
The purpose of this standard is to outline the expectation for each School of Nursing faculty member who is a registered nurse to hold a current unencumbered North Carolina RN License and to detail the process.
The purpose of this standard is to establish a list of acronyms and terms used within the School of Nursing. While acronyms are a useful way to communicate essential information quickly, their usage may impede communications for many who are unfamiliar with the terms they represent. This document is meant to assist with communications and provide standardization for School of Nursing users.
The purpose of this Standard is to ensure efficient operations and academic integrity in the Adams School of Dentistry ("ASOD") assessment process. This Standard applies to all written assessments administered by the ASOD to its DDS and DH students.
This policy provides a summary of the grading system and related considerations for courses under the DDS legacy curriculum. It will no longer be applicable after the summer term 2023.
These guidelines are intended to help clarify malpractice insurance provided by the University to faculty members and help faculty make informed decisions about the purchase of additional malpractice coverage.
The UNC Health Care System (HCS) requires that all members of the workforce be trained on policies and procedures related to protecting the privacy and security of PHI. Because many of our faculty supervise students, practice, or conduct clinical research at UNC HCS or at other health care facilities that have similar training requirements, all SON faculty and students are required to complete HIPAA Online Training annually.
This document provides instructions for the preparation of a promotion portfolio for fixed-term faculty.
This document provides approved guidance for writing and authorizing new University and Information Technology Services (ITS) Department Policies, Standards, and Procedures; for revising existing ITS Policies, Standards, and Procedures; and delineating approval authorities at all levels.
This Standard is intended to assist all UNC School of Nursing faculty and staff who travel to meet the mission of North Carolina Area Health Education Centers (NC AHEC). The policy provides general guidelines on appropriate travel and other services needed when traveling to meet the shared mission of the School of Nursing and NC AHEC.