School of Nursing: Standard On CPR Requirement


School of Nursing: Standard On CPR Requirement

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Faculty/staff who are licensed nurses and whose employment involves professional contact with patients, clients, families and/or human subjects are required by the School of Nursing (SON) to present pre-employment and bi-annual documentation of completion of an approved Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certification.

Scope of Applicability

This standard applies to SON faculty and staff who have contact with patients, clients, families and/or human subjects in a clinical environment.

* This policy only applies when placed in a clinical environment.*


  • Minimum certification requirement: AHA Basic Life Support (BLS) or Healthcare Provider level with a minimum of a two-year certification term.
  • BLS-instructor, ACLS, ACLS-Instructor, PALS, and PALS-Instructor certifications are acceptable alternatives.
  • Certification based on the 2020 American Heart Association Guidelines for CPR and ECC is required.
  • Note: American Red Cross CPR Certification and "Chain of Survival" courses are not acceptable.

When faculty/staff are initially employed in the SON, SON Human Resources shall contact the appropriate direct supervisor to determine if the new employee will have ongoing professional contact/interaction with patients, clients, families and/or human subjects. A change in work assignment, from non-contact to contact, at any time should be reported by the direct supervisor to the SON Human Resources Manager who notify UNC Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) of the change in status via the EHS Compliance Portal and will request documentation of CPR certification from the faculty/staff be uploaded to ensure compliance.

Thirty days prior to the date of expiration, EHS shall send notices to faculty/staff whose CPR certification is expiring, informing them of the need to update the required bi-annual CPR certification. Faculty/staff shall submit written proof of current CPR certification to the EHS Compliance Portal before the expiration date of the prior certification.

Any faculty/staff member who fails to submit written documentation of current CPR certification to the EHC Compliance Portal will be reported to the appropriate School of Nursing administrator for follow-up action, may be forced to temporarily withdraw from patient/client contact until the CPR certification requirements are met, and the consequences of not renewing his/her CPR certification in a timely manner will be considered in the faculty/staff member's annual review.

The SON does not provide CPR training.


Anyone who is required to complete CPR certification but cannot due to a disability should contact UNC-CH Equal Opportunity / ADA Office at (919) 966-3576 and request an accommodation to have the CPR training requirement waived. A physician statement will need to be provided to the ADA Office giving the reason why the training cannot be performed. The ADA office will then officially advise the SON whether or not this requirement should be waived.

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Lisa Miller, Associate Dean Administrative Services

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  • Effective Date and title of Approver: 11/27/2001 by Administrative Council; Revised by Dean's Cabinet 4/19/2005 approved by Executive Committee 5/9/2005; Revised 02/13/2012; Revised 12/18/2018; Revised 8/27/19

Approved by:

Lisa Miller, Associate Dean for Administration


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