School of Nursing: Standard On Staff Awards


School of Nursing: Standard On Staff Awards

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The overall purpose of the Staff of the Year (SOY) Award Program is to encourage a high level of job performance and to publicly recognize employees who perform at a high level. Specifically, the criteria for the award will be based on performance others consider exemplary, and for being a team player who contributes to the general success of the School of Nursing (SON).

The requirement of at least one-year of service to the school is designed to create a sense of loyalty to the School; this requirement and the SOY Award Program as a whole aim to increase employee longevity.

Finally, the SOY award program, which will be for all SON full-time, part-time, temporary and, those who self-identify as staff employees at all levels, will be another way that the School will recognize their hard work and dedication.

Scope of Applicability

To be evaluated at next review.


Outstanding Staff of the Year Award

Selection Criteria and Eligibility

Any SON full-time, part-time, temporary and, those who self-identify as a staff. The Staff Awards Committee will receive a list of eligible candidates from the School of Nursing HR Office. Criteria for eligibility include:

  • Employed for at least 12 months. The hire date for eligibility is April 1st of the preceding fiscal year.
  • Is not a recipient of the staff of the year award for the past 3 years.  

Achievement Award

The purpose for this award is to bring more opportunities for staff recognition and to broaden the field for more persons to become a SOY Award winner.

Nominations will be requested via E-mail attachment or in hard copy form in a sealed envelope marked confidential. One award from the following categories will be awarded to an individual in both the Fall and Spring semesters.

Three categories

Customer Service - Excellence in assisting others
Effectiveness - Performs duties accurately and follows-through
Extra Mile - Going beyond what is expected

The six semi-annual AA recipients are automatically entered for the SOY Award

  1. An individual may only receive one Achievement Award per year.
  2. The School will announce and recognize the award recipients in the Weekly News and on the School of Nursing website.
  3. The Award will consist of:
    1. An AA certificate
    2. Monetary gift of $25.00 (pre-tax) per certificate.

SOY Award

  1. One award will be given each year.
  2. The School has purchased a plaque on which each award recipient's name will be placed. The School will give a certificate to each awardee.
  3. The School will announce and recognize the award recipient at the End of the Year Event in May.
  4. Award will be announced in the University Gazette, Carrington Nurse, and on the SON website.
  5. The Award will consist of:
    1. A desktop/office memorabilia
    2. Two paid days-off (must be used within 12 months of award date and with Supervisor's approval)
    3. Monetary gift of $500.00 (pre-tax).
  6. Prior recipients will be eligible for nomination every 3rd year after receiving the award

SOY Award votes will be obtained through an online submission tool with names of the eligible AA recipients from specific categories and criteria for consideration. The tally of votes from faculty and staff via the online submission tool will indicate the winner of the SOY award. In the event of a tie, the staff awards committee will break the tie via closed (secret ballot).

Employees should be selected based on extra effort demonstrated in the accomplishments, dedication, and timeliness of their work and attributes of cooperation and helpfulness in their interactions with others, as well as participating in staff functions.

Nomination Procedures

  1. Deadlines for votes will be the end of the third week in April.
  2. The nomination-style form and these guidelines will be provided on the Y-drive and the Staff Teams site. A list of the eligible staff will be provided.
  3. A reminder for votes will be sent via e-mail to all School of Nursing employees prior to the annual deadline; however, nominations will be obtained through Achievement Award recipients.
  4. Votes will be accepted from any employee in the School of Nursing; staff may vote for themselves. Students are omitted from voting.
  5. SOY Award votes will be retrieved by the Staff Awards Committee from online submissions.


The Staff Awards Committee will consist of five members; winners of the SOY Award from previous three years (if possible), a 4th faculty of administrator appointed by the Associate Dean for Administration, and a staff volunteer. The most senior winner of the SOY Award will chair the committee and rotate off the committee the following year. If any of the previous staff winners are no longer eligible to participate for any reason, the spot(s) will be filled a the discretion of the Staff Awards Committee Chair. By agreeing to serve on the committee, the committee member forfeits eligibility of an Achievement Award. The Staff Awards Committee has the discretion to move a nominee to another category if there are no nominees for one of the three categories.

Ongoing administration of the SOY Award Program will be the responsibility of the Human Resource Officer. Feedback about the program should be directed to this work unit.



Contact Information

Primary Contact

Lisa Miller, Associate Dean for Administrative Services

Other Contacts


Important Dates

  • Effective Date and title of Approver: March 2006 by Staff Vote
  • #3. Amended in March 2006 by vote of staff as follows:
  • 17 votes for prior recipients re-eligible for nomination 3 years after being selected as staff of the year
  • 3 votes to leave prior recipients name in for nomination
  • 10 votes for prior recipients to no longer be eligible for nomination
  • Document amended by unanimous decision of current Dean's Cabinet November 8, 2013 to increase eligibility opportunities with installation of Achievement Awards (Certificates). Staff of the Year awardance was also increased to two days leave; $300 gift
  • Increased to $500 gift per Dean on 1/31/2018
  • Staff amendments (7 items) dated July 2021 were approved by Leadership Team on 7/26/21

Approved by:

Lisa Miller

Associate Dean for Administrative Services

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