School of Nursing: Facilities Use Standards


School of Nursing: Facilities Use Standards

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The School of Nursing Facilities Use Guidelines govern the use of common areas such as classrooms, conference rooms, and study and gathering spaces.

Scope of Applicability

These guidelines apply to all occupants of School of Nursing space and are intended to supplement the University's Facilities Use Policy and Facilities Use Standard.


Hours of Operation

Carrington Hall is generally open to the public from 7:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday. When the building is open for extended hours, only the doors on the ground floor will be unlocked unless it is specifically requested that other doors be unlocked. Students and visitors should be directed via signs to the unlocked doors. Requests for extended hours should be made to the Facilities Manager via email (including date, times, duration, and reason access is needed) at least two weeks prior to the date needed.

School of Nursing normal operating hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. The following meeting and event-related staffing support is available during these hours:

  • Facilities located in Carrington Hall L400, phone 919-445-4810 or Please contact Facilities at least 24 hours in advance to arrange for furniture and supplies such as extra folding tables, chairs, podiums, display boards and easels. For major events involving catering and/or furniture rearrangement, Facilities Services arranges for housekeeping and moving services at a charge to the organizing group.
  • AV Services located in Carrington Hall 313, phone 919-445-4811. Support after regular operating hours must be requested through or calling 919-445-4811 at least 48 hours in advance and is subject to availability. 

Holiday, Evening and Weekend Hours

Shared spaces are available for evening and weekend events, subject to limitations below.

  • To guarantee availability, rooms must be formally reserved.
  • During the period between 5:00 pm Friday and 8:00 am Monday and on holidays, there is no staffing support and occupants/groups must have a School of Nursing faculty or staff present and willing to be responsible for the space and occupants for the duration of the event.
  • Carrington Hall is accessible to School of Nursing faculty, staff and students with a One Card 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (Note: School of Nursing faculty and staff must contact the Facilities Manager to request their One Card be activated for after-hours building access.)
  • Some rooms may be locked. Please contact Facilities to ensure that interior doors will be open on the dates/times you need room access.
  • For approved requests on holidays and weekends, organizers are required to arrange at least 48 hours in advance for any special Facilities or AV services (e.g., by close of business Thursday for a weekend event). Late requests may be denied.


Building occupants are strongly encouraged to exercise caution when they are on campus after hours and on weekends. Be aware of your surroundings and be observant of strangers in or near the building. Students, faculty and staff are also advised to exercise caution when in the building after normal operation hours. Do not prop doors open for others to enter when you are not present. If you find doors propped open, please remove the obstacle and secure the door(s). Do not provide entry to the building to someone you do not know. If someone is in the building that you do not recognize, ask for identification if you are comfortable doing so or call someone such as the department of public safety to report a suspicious person.

Appropriate Use and Priority

All building occupants and groups must comply with the University's Facilities Use Policy and Facilities Use Standard when utilizing School of Nursing space. The following priorities for space will be adhered to:

  • Accomplishment of the educational mission of the School of Nursing is priority in decisions concerning facilities use. Classes take priority over other meetings and events.
  • The School reserves the right to ensure that all meetings and events are conducted in a manner consistent with the mission and purpose of the School. Facilities may not be used for personal social events, programs conducted for personal financial gain or political meetings.
  • Because rooms are a shared resource and in high demand, the School is not able to provide space for outside groups. Exceptions must be secured in writing, have a School of Nursing faculty or staff responsible for the group or event and must have advance approval of the dean.

All groups using School of Nursing space must agree to abide by all School and University policies and guidelines relating to matters of health and safety, liability, nondiscrimination, civil obedience, use of grounds, food, beverage, and alcohol use. Approval for the use of the facilities does not otherwise imply endorsement, association, or promotion of the event.

Room Reservations

School of Nursing faculty, staff and students should submit reservation requests through your Outlook calendar or by submitting an email to

Note: Carrington Hall room 104 and room 1600 are reserved by calling the Dean’s Office at 919-966-3731 (standard room setup for 104 is conference style; see diagram posted on the inside of the closet door).

Staff will confirm all requests and send a confirmation email, normally within one (1) business day. Same-day requests are accepted, but not guaranteed. Confirmation emails contain important information that should be reviewed promptly.

Please note that requests for meetings, events, or programs are confirmed only after classes have been scheduled for the upcoming semester, as shown in the table below.

Room Reservations by Semester
If Meeting or Event Occurs During... Rooms May Not Be Reserved Before:
Fall semester May 1st
Spring semester November 15th

After that date, requests are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis and are not considered confirmed until an email confirmation is sent.

Usage Agreement

Room requestors and meeting/event organizers agree to the following conditions for use. Violations may result in charges and denial of future requests.

  • Extra services are the responsibility of the requestor, as outlined in the room confirmation email. These include Facilities services and AV Services outlined above.
  • A responsible representative (permanent faculty or staff) from the School of Nursing must be present throughout the event and supervise cleanup following the event.
  • Cleaning is the responsibility of the organizers. Trash, bottles, cans, and decorations must be removed at the end of the event. Tables must be wiped and clean for the next user. Anyone using a kitchen area in conjunction with a meeting/event is responsible for cleaning the kitchen are as soon as the meeting/event concludes. If food is left in the refrigerator, it is the responsibility of the meeting/event organizer to remove it the next day. Please do not leave it for someone else to clean.
  • Signs & decorations: Tape is permitted on brick and metal surfaces only. Tape is not permitted on any window, varnished or painted doors and walls. Tacks, nails, screws, or any other fastener or adhesive are not permitted on any surface.
  • Furniture including tables and chairs may not be moved or taken from other locations. If you move furniture within a room, it must be returned to the original arrangement.
  • Catering is allowed with appropriate care of the facilities as well as cleanup. Event planners should arrange with caterers to receive invoices for the cost for catered food functions.
  • No alcoholic beverages may be served without express written permission from the Office of the Chancellor. Please see the UNC-Chapel Hill Alcohol Policy for more information.
  • Tableware and linens must be provided by the event organizers or their caterer.
  • Housekeeping: all events hosted between 5:00pm Friday and 8:00am Monday require additional housekeeping services. Please contact Facilities in advance at 919-966-1698 to arrange for supplemental housekeeping. Failure to do so may result in reservation cancellation and/or additional charges.
  • Payment for loss or damages is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization, including any cost of returning the facility to its original condition. You may arrange an inspection in advance with Facilities.
  • Noise: All meetings and events must be conducted in a manner that does not produce noise disruptive to others.
  • Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the School of Nursing and within 100 feet of any UNC-Chapel Hill building in accordance with the UNC-Chapel Hill No Smoking Policy.
  • Pets: The University and School recognize the important of Assistance Animals for individuals with disabilities and is committed to providing accommodations for those who have been approved by the Equal Opportunity and Compliance office to have Assistance Animals. Please note this does not include pets which are prohibited in UNC-Chapel Hill buildings. Please see the UNC-Chapel Hill Animals on Campus Policy for more information.





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Contact Information

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  • Lisa Miller, Associate Dean for Administration
  • John Albrechtsen, Director of Administrative Services; and  
  • Phillip Spangler, Facilities Manager

Important Dates

  • Effective Date and title of Approver: 1/1/99 approved by Administrative Directors
  • Reviewed and approved by Leadership Team 7/9/19; latest review 11/8/22


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