School of Nursing: Standard On Acronyms


School of Nursing: Standard On Acronyms

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The purpose of this standard is to establish a list of acronyms and terms used within the School of Nursing. While acronyms are a useful way to communicate essential information quickly, their usage may impede communications for many who are unfamiliar with the terms they represent. This document is meant to assist with communications and provide standardization for School of Nursing users.

Scope of Applicability

This standard is for School of Nursing faculty, staff, and students.


Acronyms and Terms: School of Nursing

Acronyms and Terms Table
Acronym Term
AACN American Association of Colleges of Nursing
AAPC Academic Affairs Policy Council
ABSN Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing
AGPCNP Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (MSN & DNP)
AHEC Area Health Education Centers
APA Advanced Practice Area
APR Appointment, Promotions and Review Committee
APT Appointment, Promotions and Tenure Committee
BAC Baccalaureate Admissions Committee
BBL Biobehavorial Laboratory
BEC Baccalaureate Executive Committee
BSN to DNP Postbaccalaureate to DNP
BSN to PhD Bachelor of Science in Nursing to PhD
BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing
CAS Centralized Application Service
CCNE Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (Accreditation Organization)
CRS Course Rotation Schedule
CLL Center for Life Long Learning
DNP Doctor of Nursing Practice
DNPAC DNP Admissions Committee
DNPEC DNP Executive Committee
EISLE Education Innovation Simulation Learning Environment
EMVS Ethnic Minority Visiting Scholar
FEC Faculty Executive Committee
FNP Family Nurse Practitioner (MSN and DNP)
GCNE Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education
HCS Health Care Systems Specialist (MSN and DNP)
HSL Health Sciences Library
IRB Institutional Review Board
IIT Information and Instructional Technology
MAC Master's Admissions Committee
MEC Master's Executive Committee
MSN-DNP Postmaster's to DNP degree
NFLP Nursing Faculty Loan Program
NRC Nursing Research Committee (UNC-Hospitals)
NurSys School of Nursing's web-based application
OAA Office of Academic Affairs
OAS Office of Administrative Services
OIE Office of Inclusive Excellence
OSA Office of Student Affairs
PhD Doctor of Philosophy
PhDAC PhD Admissions Committee
PhDEC PhD Executive Committee
PNP-PC Pediatric Nurse Practitioner-Primary Care (MSN and DNP)
PostGrad Post-Graduate Certificate Program (non-degree)
PMHNP Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner: Advanced Practice Nurse
(MSN and DNP)
RN Registered Nurse
RN-MSN Registered Nurse to Master of Science in Nursing
RSC Research Support and Consultation
SACS Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
SON School of Nursing
TAMS Teaching Assignment Management System
TIMS Time Information Management System
Typhon Clinical tracking tool
UNCH UNC Hospitals

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Lisa Miller, Associate Dean for Administration

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  • Last review: 11/08/2022

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Lisa Miller, Associate Dean for Administration


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