School of Nursing: Standard On Master Keys


School of Nursing: Standard On Master Keys

Unit Standard



The purpose of this standard is to outline the positions which are assigned master keys, the process by which others can request master keys, and the appropriate use of master keys.

Scope of Applicability

This standard is for School of Nursing faculty and staff requesting master keys to access space occupied by the School of Nursing.


Persons in the following positions are automatically assigned a master key due to necessity:

  1. Dean
  2. Dean's Executive Assistant
  3. IIT PC support staff (access to master key while in building)
  4. Associate Dean for Administration
  5. Facilities Manager
  6. Facilities Assistant (access to master key while in building)
  7. Service Personnel check-out from Facilities Manager

Persons in the following positions are automatically assigned a sub-master key to their relative area(s) due to necessity:

  1. Executive Vice Dean and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  2. Associate Dean for Research, Research Support Center
  3. Director, Research Support Center
  4. Academic division Associate Deans (Undergraduate, MSN/DNP, and PhD)
  5. Director of Administrative Services
  6. IIT Assistant Dean
  7. IIT AV Support Specialist

School of Nursing personnel can request to be assigned a master key by providing the following information to the Facilities Manager:

  1. Reason master key is needed?
  2. Duration master key is required?

Each request will be taken to the Dean's Office for consideration. The Facilities Manger will let the requester know of the Dean's decision.

Appropriate use of master keys

Issuance of a master key is a privilege which carries with it the responsibility of safeguarding assets and information of the School and its occupants. Extra care should be taken to guard master keys and they should not be labeled in any way that would identify one as a "master key." Holders of master keys should consider leaving it in a safe place such as a locked office or locked desk drawer when it is not in use.

When using master keys to enter another person's officer, master key holders should use discretion and have respect for the occupants' work space and personal items (ie: master keys should not be used to deliver mail which can be placed in SON mailboxes, etc.)

In the event a master key is lost or stolen, please report it to the Facilities Manager within 24 hours. The Facilities Manager will notify the proper authorities and arrange for re-keying of the building within 2 business days.



Contact Information

Primary Contact

Lisa Miller, Associate Dean for Administration

Phillip Spangler, Facilities Manager


Important Dates

  • Effective Date and title of Approver: 3/9/2007 approved by the Facilities Planning Committee

Approved by:

Lisa Miller

Associate Dean for Administration

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