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Employment at the University is contingent upon faculty meeting and maintaining essential compliance requirements. In addition, the many clinical agencies with whom School of Nursing (SON) faculty engage as part of their teaching, research, or service mission(s) have policies that must be adhered to as per contractual agreement. These clinical site requirements are in addition to University employment-related policies.
Divisions in the School of Nursing represent substantive areas of study in nursing. One goal of divisions is to have the appropriate compliment of faculty to meet teaching and research missions and responsibilities. This standard is intended to clarify when joint appointments may be appropriate and initiated.
The purpose of this standard is to outline the expectation for each School of Nursing faculty member who is a registered nurse to hold a current unencumbered North Carolina RN License and to detail the process.
This guideline provides a standard formula for distributing F&A when collaborations involve more than one department, school, center or institute, Dr. Waldrop has indicated (via the memo and in person) that units may establish their own agreements for sharing of F&A and that these may take precedence over the standard formula.
The SON Grants Management Office assists Principal Investigators (PIs) with the administration of grant and contract financial management and reporting in conjunction with the requirements provided by UNC-CH Office of Sponsored Research (OSR).
The purpose of this policy is to outline the requirements for employees working in clinical environments who have professional contact/interaction with patients, clients, families and/or human subjects.
School of Nursing salary goals are derived from benchmarks with peer schools of nursing. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) publishes an annual report on faculty salaries based on a yearly survey of all schools of nursing with baccalaureate and higher degree programs. Faculty salary data are reported for regions of the country and types of institution, and by faculty rank, credentials, and tenure vs. fixed term track status.
The purpose of this standard is to establish a list of acronyms and terms used within the School of Nursing. While acronyms are a useful way to communicate essential information quickly, their usage may impede communications for many who are unfamiliar with the terms they represent. This document is meant to assist with communications and provide standardization for School of Nursing users.
The purpose of this standard is to outline the positions which are assigned master keys, the process by which others can request master keys, and the appropriate use of master keys.
The purpose of this policy is to outline the services and privileges offered to retired School of Nursing (SON) faculty members. It is set forth with the intention of fostering continued communication and engagement, to assist with the faculty member's transition to retirement and in appreciation of a retired faculty member's years of service and value to our school.
Administrators play an important role in facilitating the work of others and their capacity to contribute to the School’s missions. They are expected to serve as leaders who bare accountability for achieving the role expectations associated with their job descriptions. It is essential that their effectiveness in carrying out the expectations of their role and achieving positive outcomes as associated with their role performance be evaluated.
These guidelines are intended to help clarify malpractice insurance provided by the University to faculty members and help faculty make informed decisions about the purchase of additional malpractice coverage.
Faculty members at UNC Chapel Hill School of Nursing hold either nine-month or twelve-month appointments. Both groups receive paid time off on state-approved holidays. Otherwise, salaries for both groups are based on worked time and distributed across 12 monthly paychecks.
The purpose of this policy is to provide a fair and equitable allocation of parking permits for School of Nursing (SON) permanent employees. An equitable parking policy should be one that reflects some consensus of the views held by those affected by the policy. There is no parking policy that will be satisfactory to everyone because there is neither a sufficient number of permits allocated for prime lots nor a sufficient number of permits for all faculty and staff desiring parking.
Faculty/staff who are licensed nurses and whose employment involves professional contact with patients, clients, families and/or human subjects are required by the School of Nursing (SON) to present pre-employment and bi-annual documentation of completion of an approved Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certification.