School of Nursing: Policy On Faculty Reimbursement (Summer Pay)


School of Nursing: Policy On Faculty Reimbursement (Summer Pay)

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The purpose of this policy is to outline which faculty are reimbursed for summer workload.

Scope of Applicability

This policy is applicable to School of Nursing (SON) faculty with nine-month appointments.


Policy Statement

Faculty members at UNC Chapel Hill School of Nursing hold either nine-month or twelve-month appointments. Both groups receive paid time off on state-approved holidays. Otherwise, salaries for both groups are based on worked time and distributed across 12 monthly paychecks.

For faculty with nine-month appointments, workload is calculated on and distributed over the nine months of the academic year.

For faculty members on twelve- month appointments, workload is calculated on and distributed over twelve months. Salaries for persons with twelve-month appointments are therefore 12/9ths of the base full-time-equivalent nine-month salary rate.

Administrative posts are generally twelve-month appointments; however, with approval of the Dean, SON administrators may retain nine-month appointments and perform only administrative duties for the summer months. Under these conditions, salaries are calculated in the following manner: Nine month base salary + administrative supplement + (3/9ths of the nine-month base salary multiplied by the percentage of the administrative appointment).

Guidelines for Summer Pay for Faculty on Nine-Month Appointments

Nine-month faculty members may earn additional salary from summer employment for work related to teaching, research, and/or practice. In general, a nine-month faculty member's summer salary can not exceed 3/9ths (33.33%) of his/her base salary.

Calculations of summer salaries are based on the following guidelines:

  • For faculty members who teach during the UNC Chapel Hill Summer Sessions, the teaching assignment is for three additional months of pay 3/9ths or 33.33% of base salary.
  • For faculty with extramural support:
    • It is expected that the extramural support will be paid out in accordance with the final budget approved by the funding agency.
    • In general, total summer support from any one funded project will not exceed 3/9ths of the academic year base pay. Exceptions include Career Development Awards (K series) which require a 75% time year-round commitment and situations where the agency has approved a major time commitment for expanded scope of work during the summer.
    • Other requests for a higher amount must be approved by the relevant Associate Dean (Research, Academic Affairs, etc.) in consultation with the direct supervisor.
    • Once a grant is funded, extramural support for faculty salaries may not be shifted from the 9-month academic year to the summer without approval of the relevant Associate Dean in consultation with the direct supervisor.
    • Further, if extra funds are available in the grant (e.g., due to not filling positions) and a faculty member wishes to use the money to increase salary support, the percent increase should be applied equally to the 9-month academic year and the summer.
  • Multiple funded grants or grants in combination with teaching and/or administrative activities may result in summer salaries that exceed 3/9ths of the nine-month base salary; however, summer salaries may not exceed 3/9ths of the nine-month base salary.
  • Faculty members will be eligible to submit for summer awards (for research, teaching, practice, CE) if their expected earnings with the award would not exceed 12/9ths of their full-time-equivalent base salary. Partial awards are possible.

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Lisa Miller, Associate Dean for Administration

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Important Dates

  • Effective Date and title of Approver: 11/22/2004 - Dean's Cabinet
  • Last reviewed by Leadership Team 4/12/2022

Approved by:

Lisa Miller, Associate Dean for Administration

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