School of Nursing: Policy on Administrative Reviews


School of Nursing: Policy On Administrative Reviews

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The purpose of this policy is to establish the School of Nursing's position on evaluating administrators and to outline a uniform approach for evaluating administrators.

Scope of Applicability

This policy applies to all School of Nursing administrators including associate deans, assistant deans, directors, and managers.


Administrators play an important role in facilitating the work of others and their capacity to contribute to the School’s missions. They are expected to serve as leaders who bare accountability for achieving the role expectations associated with their job descriptions. It is essential that their effectiveness in carrying out the expectations of their role and achieving positive outcomes as associated with their role performance be evaluated. Evaluations enable feedback, assessment of effectiveness, opportunities for role improvement, and data to inform decisions regarding continuance in the role.

Administrators are appointed and serve at the will of the Dean. Their initial selection oftentimes involves the input of faculty, staff, and others whose work intersects with the administrator. The administrator’s job description provides criteria to be addressed in evaluating both eligibility for hire and role performance. Each administrator’s role performance is evaluated on an annual basis with his/her supervisor. Because administrators are expected to facilitate the work of others and because their decisions and actions impact the welfare of the mission or unit they lead, it is important that a venue be established for others to provide input on their role performance.

Materials produced through review of an administrator will be made available to the administrator as well as anyone who serves as supervisor to the administrator. For example, while reviews of Assistant Deans would occur with the Associate Dean, review materials would be made available to the Dean and those to whom the Dean reports.


Annual performance evaluations involve a written self-assessment and goals, discussion with the supervisor, and written feedback from the supervisor. Annual evaluations will be completed by June 30th. The evaluations should be based on performance according to the job description.

Every four years, an Administrative Review will be administered by the Dean’s Office in the form of a survey to School of Nursing faculty and staff. The survey will consist of three items which focus on strengths and successes, recommended improvements, and open or closed-ended items added by the administrator for the purpose of gathering information to guide priorities, launch new initiatives, or gain feedback on a specific aspect of the administrator’s role.

Whether an Annual Performance Evaluation or a four-year Administrative Review, the data gathered will be kept strictly confidential. Results will be made available to the administrator, supervisor to the administrator, and others to whom the supervisor reports.





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