Procedure on Acquiring Insurance for Rental Vehicles


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Procedure on Acquiring Insurance for Rental Vehicles

Procedure Statement

Employees that rent vehicles for official University business do not need to acquire or purchase additional automobile insurance. Rather, the University's existing automobile insurance policy automatically provides both liability and physical damage insurance for these vehicles.

Forms and Instructions

Employees should utilize rental vehicles provided by the University Fleet Services whenever possible. Instructions on how to reserve state-owned vehicles, including an online reservation request form, can be found on their website.

The state of North Carolina also maintains rental vehicle contracts with nationally-recognized firms that provide the University with discounted rates, extra benefits, and preferred services. Employees should try to utilize the services of these companies when a rental vehicle other than those provided by University Fleet Services is needed.

Employees should not purchase the collision damage waiver insurance or any other insurance coverage the rental agency may offer. This travel expense is not reimbursable except for certain limited situations involving use in foreign countries. If the rental agency requests verification of the University's automobile insurance, contact Risk Management Services. A certificate of insurance will be provided showing evidence of our insurance.

Vehicles rented for University business should be rented in the name of "The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill." The employee who will be the principal operator of the vehicle must sign the contract, and the names of additional operators must also be included on the contract.

Employees must also recognize that the same state of North Carolina driving regulations apply to rental vehicles as they do for state-owned vehicles. The University's insurance coverage for rental vehicles only applies while it is being used for official business and will not apply for personal use.

Related Requirements

External Regulations and Consequences

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