Additional Employment for SHRA Employees Procedure

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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Procedure for Additional Employment for SHRA Employees.



This procedure outlines the requirements related to the University’s Policy on Additional Employment for SHRA Employees (“Policy”).


This procedure applies to all permanent SHRA employees (including probationary, trainee, and time-limited) who are regularly scheduled to work 40 hours per work week.

The following provisions of the additional employment policy apply to SHRA employees with an additional employment assignment. For other arrangements, please see the Dual Employment or Secondary Employment policies.


Requesting Additional Employment

When a department needs assistance on a temporary basis and a reasonable effort has been made to locate a temporary or external employee to perform the work but there is no availability in the recruitment area, then the department (borrowing department) may request assistance from a current permanent SHRA employee through an additional employment assignment.  

To initiate an additional employment relationship, the borrowing department:

  1. Completes an Additional Employment Request Form for SHRA Employees (“Request Form”),
  2. Submits the form to the Office of Human Resources (OHR) Employment & Staffing unit, and
  3. Obtains required approvals in advance of the employee beginning the additional employment assignment.

Notification and Approval of Additional Employment

Before an employee can engage in an additional employment assignment, the following must occur:

  1. Borrowing department supervisor works with their department HR Representative to initiate the request.
  2. Borrowing department HR Representative completes a Request Form and obtains the following signature approvals:
    1. Primary department immediate supervisor
    2. Primary department head or designee
    3. Borrowing department immediate supervisor
    4. Borrowing department head or designee
  3. Borrowing department HR Representative submits the completed and signed Request Form to the OHR Employment & Staffing unit via email:
  4. OHR Staffing Support Services Specialist reviews the form to ensure it is correct and complete. If the request is missing information/signature approvals or requires correction, the Staffing Support Services Specialist notifies the borrowing department HR Representative via email that the Request Form must be corrected.
  5. Borrowing department HR Representative resubmits the corrected Request Form (if applicable).
  6. OHR Staffing Support Services Specialist sends the completed Request Form to the Assistant Director, Employment for review and approval.
  7. Assistant Director, Employment evaluates the request and determines if additional employment is appropriate per Policy provisions.
    1. If the additional employment relationship is appropriate, the Request Form is approved.
    2. If the additional employment relationship is not appropriate, the Request Form is denied.
  8. OHR Staffing Support Services Specialist enters the Request Form in the additional employment database.
  9. OHR Staffing Support Specialist sends a copy of the approved/denied Request Form to the borrowing department HR Representative and OHR Records & Information.

Payment for Additional Employment

Payment for the additional employment assignment is initiated through a Lump Sum Payment ePAR. A copy of the approved Request Form must be attached to the ePAR.

  1. For wage-hour exempt employees, the department determines if payment will be made on a biweekly basis, or via one final lump sum following completion of the assignment.
  2. For wage-hour non-exempt employees, payment must be made on a biweekly basis because overtime hours must be paid in the next available payroll. The department must include the specific hours the employee worked each week of the pay period in the ePAR comments. Hours worked over 40 hours per week must be paid at the overtime rate. If the employee did not work at least 40 hours in a given week, the additional employment assignment must be paid at straight time.

Temporary Teaching Assignment

Under certain circumstances, an SHRA wage-hour exempt employee may be asked to perform temporary teaching duties. Once an Additional Employment Request Form for SHRA Employees is approved by the borrowing department dean or director and the OHR Employment & Staffing unit, the following must occur:

  1. If the employee will be the instructor of record, the borrowing department HR Representative submits the employee’s academic credentials or alternative credentials to the Office of Faculty Affairs. For more information, refer to the Policy on Qualifications of Course Instructors.  
  2. A temporary faculty position appropriate for the teaching duties is assigned. Contact the OHR Exempt from Human Resources Act (EHRA) HR unit for information on procedures for assigning an adjunct appointment.
  3. Borrowing department HR Representative creates the adjunct appointment.
  4. Borrowing department HR Representative submits a Lump Sum ePAR to pay the employee for the additional employment teaching assignment via a one-time payment or overload, if appropriate. Refer to the Supplemental Pay for EHRA Employees Policy for overload payments. If you have additional questions, contact your assigned EHRA HR Consultant.


Per the Record Management Policy, a copy of the Request Form must be retained through the retention period. The original signed copy of the Request Form is retained by the school/division HR office in the employee's departmental personnel file. Once OHR has evaluated the form, OHR Records & Information will retain a copy in the OHR personnel file.


Please refer to the Exceptions section of the Policy.


Please refer to the Definitions section of the Policy.

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Contact Information

Primary Contact

Subject: Additional Employment Policy
Contact: Assistant Director, Employment (OHR)
Telephone: 919-843-2300

Other Contacts

Subject: Additional Employment Requests
Contact: Staffing Support Services Specialist (OHR)
Telephone: 919-843-2300

Subject: Lump Sum Payments
Contact: Classification and Compensation (OHR)
Telephone: 919-843-2300

Subject: Temporary Teaching Assignment
Contact: EHRA HR Unit (OHR)

Subject: Qualifications of Course Instructors
Contact: Office of Faculty Affairs

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