Leave, Paid Time Off, Payouts & Transfers


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Policy on Leave, Paid Time Off, Payouts & Transfers


Accruals & Payouts for Certain Leave/Paid Time Off Programs

"Accruals & Payouts for Certain Leave/paid time off Programs" provides information regarding:

  • Compensatory Time Off (SHRA non-exempt)
  • Compensatory Time (SHRA exempt)
  • Adverse Weather ETO
  • Travel Time ETO
  • On-Call Time Off
  • Holiday ETO
  • Paid Leave Awards

Leave/PTO Payouts & Transfers for SHRA Terminations

"Leave/PTO Payouts & Transfers for SHRA Terminations" provides information regarding:

  • Vacation Leave
  • Bonus Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Voluntary Shared Leave
  • Adverse Weather Leave (Condition I & II Payback)
  • Community Service Leave
  • Military Leave
  • Family & Medical Leave
  • Family Illness Leave

for the following separation reasons:

  • Promotion / Reclassification in Same Department (no change in FLSA exemption status)
  • Position Changes Wage-Hour Status
  • Transfer to Another University Department
  • Transfer to Another State Agency or UNC Institution (SHRA)
  • Direct Rehire from SHRA to EHRA within University
  • Hired as EHRA at another UNC Institution
  • Transfer to UNC Hospitals
  • Transfer to State Community College or Public School
  • Resignation / Dismissal / Death / or other Separation Outside the State System
  • Service or Early Retirement
  • Layoff

For details regarding personnel actions required for these payouts, transfers, or forfeitures, refer to resources on the TIM Website.

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