Procedure on Acquiring Insurance for University Vehicles


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Procedure on Acquiring Insurance for University Vehicles

Procedure Statement

All University-owned vehicles, trailers and mobile equipment are covered under the master insurance policy of the state of North Carolina. Certain insurance coverage is automatically placed while other coverages must be specifically requested. Campus departments should contact Risk Management Services to assure all the necessary insurance coverage is in place for their vehicles.

Forms and Instructions

All University vehicles, including trailers and mobile equipment, are automatically provided with Liability Insurance once the vehicle is titled and the University takes ownership. Campus departments do not have to arrange for this liability insurance. Rather, the University has an agreement with our insurance company whereby liability insurance is automatically placed, thereby eliminating this reporting process and the possibility of omissions. Liability insurance is mandatory in North Carolina and all University vehicles carry the same limit of liability insurance.

Campus departments may also purchase Collision Insurance, Comprehensive Insurance, or Medical Payments Insurance for their vehicles, trailers or mobile equipment. These coverages are optional and are not automatically provided.

Campus departments interested in any of these optional coverages should contact Risk Management Services. Any request to place these coverages must be made in writing and can be made at any time during the year. The insurance coverage will be made effective immediately once the written request is received. The campus department will be charged an additional annual premium based on the optional coverages purchased. Risk Management Services can provide this premium information which is based on the type of vehicle being insured and the type of coverage. All insurance premium charges are completed through ConnectCarolina.

Campus departments that rent a vehicle for less than 30 days from a rental agency do not need to request these optional coverages. The University's insurance automatically provides these coverages for short term rental vehicles as well as the mandatory liability coverage.

Neither the mandatory liability insurance nor the optional insurance coverages will apply in foreign countries other than Canada. Any campus department that may operate a University-owned or rental vehicle in a foreign country other than Canada should contact Risk Management Services for assistance with securing the necessary insurance coverage.

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