Employment of Related Persons (Nepotism) Policy


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Employment of Related Persons (Nepotism) Policy


Scope of Applicability

This policy refers to SHRA Permanent, Temporary, Unpaid Volunteers, Interns, and Visiting Scholar positions. For the Employment of Related Persons Policy for EHRA Faculty and Non-Faculty positions, refer to the UNC Policy Manual (300.4.2 and 300.4.2[G]).


Policy Statement


Applicants are required to disclose family members or closely affiliated persons working at the University, and identify their departments on the University employment application. Positions of influence over affiliated positions may occur within a subunit, unit, or entire department, or may span across departments or divisions. The department head is responsible for verifying management relationships for new hires and transfers to ensure compliance with this policy.


Family members or other closely affiliated persons may not occupy a position of influence over each other's employment, promotion, transfer, salary administration, or other related management decisions. If family members or closely affiliated persons are considered for employment or transfer, whether in temporary or permanent positions, the department head must certify lack of influence on an Employment of Related Persons Certificate.

In addition, the department must submit one or more organizational charts with the Employment of Related Persons Certificate to the Talent Acquisition Partner by attaching the document online as part of the PeopleAdmin Hiring Proposal for approval.


Family members include:

  • Husband or wife;
  • Father or mother;
  • Brother or sister;
  • Daughter or son;
  • Grandfather or grandmother;
  • Granddaughter or grandson; and
  • Step-, half, and in-law relationships of the above.

Other closely affiliated persons may include, but are not limited to:

  • Domestic partners, current or former;
  • Close friends, current or former;
  • spouses or in-laws; and
  • Other persons who share a relationship comparable to family members.

Family members and other closely affiliated persons of current employees are not given preference in employment. Management decisions concerning current employees are based on individual merit.

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919-843-2300 hr@unc.edu


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