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This document describes the guidelines by which UNC-Chapel Hill faculty can be nominated to teach Summer School courses.
Applicants are required to disclose family members or closely affiliated persons working at the University, and identify their departments on the University employment application. Positions of influence over affiliated positions may occur within a subunit, unit, or entire department, or may span across departments or divisions. The department head is responsible for verifying management relationships for new hires and transfers to ensure compliance with this policy.
This policy outlines specific procedures and requirements that govern individuals who will serve in these capacities including: to whom this policy is applicable, guidelines on what these individuals may or may not do in the course of their assignment, a process by which these unpaid assignments must be requested and approved through the Office of Human Resources, and a requirement for background checks for unpaid assignments
This document describes and serves as the repository for four Summer School forms: the Summer Administrator Form, the Instructor Nomination Form, the Other Instructor Nomination Form, and the Change Form.
The UNC Adams School of Dentistry welcomes volunteers and interns, visiting scholars, or aspiring dental professionals to learn more about the School's mission and/or operations through active participation or observation. The purpose of this Policy is to establish the expectations and approval process for all Adams School of Dentistry Affiliates.