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1117 - Foreign National Employees

This policy provides information for foreign national employees who are completing tax withholding forms, whether they are visiting Teachers/Researchers (visiting scholars) or Students (graduate student research and teaching assistants as well as other student employees). ... 1100---payroll-and-benefits ... - Completing Tax Forms as a Foreign National Contact Information Policy Contact Subject Contact Telephone Fax E-Mail Foreign Nationals Payroll

Emergency Loan Program

payroll-deduction ... primary account on file for their payroll. The Benefits & Leave Support Center is available to assist employees with completing the Emergency Loan Program forms. DUE TO COVID-19, AN APPROVED EMERGENCY

1103 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Policy on Additional Compensation

1100---payroll-and-benefits ... regarding the completion of this form should be directed to the Budget Office where completed forms are to be sent for approval before being forwarded to Payroll Services. University Policies

1108 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Policy on Statutory Deductions

1100---payroll-and-benefits ... -Chapel Hill employees receiving compensation through Payroll Services. Policy Policy Statement Payroll Services is responsible for withholding, reporting, and remitting the following statutory

1123.1 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Procedure on Reporting Gifts, Prizes and Awards Given to Employees

1100---payroll-and-benefits ... certificates and gift cards provided to employees require a Gift/Prize/Award Documentation Form to be completed and submitted to Payroll Services, which will include them as taxable items on the employee's

1105.1 - Creating a Manual Check Procedure

1100---payroll-and-benefits ... . Procedure All campus units are responsible for processing personnel actions/documents for their employees within published deadlines. Manual checks are an exception to regular payroll processing

1105.2 - Procedure For Overpayment Recovery

1100---payroll-and-benefits ... by processing personnel actions in a timely manner. Departments are expected to review the Payroll Prelim Report during lockout in order to identify errors in time to correct them before they become

1112.3 - Procedure for Paying Graduate Students

1100---payroll-and-benefits ... . Attach form 706.1.1f. Forms and Instructions Finance Form 706.1.1f - Request for Stipend or Award to Non-Enrolled Student Finance Form 1119.1.1f - Foreign National Information Form

1269.1 - Establishing and Paying for Mobile Device Stipend Procedure

Policy Finance Form 1269.1.1f - Mobile Device Stipend Justification Payroll Mobile Communication Device Stipend Forms Deadlines - See Biweekly and Monthly Payroll deadlines Contact

1102 - Employee Time Records

Time Information Management (TIM) interfaces with various existing University business applications through ConnectCarolina. The system automates time reporting for payroll and special events, and ... 1100---payroll-and-benefits ... : Updated formatting and references to October 13, 2017: Updated main contact line for Payroll. October 5, 2014: Updated Special Situations section. July 7, 2010 March 12, 2004

Processing Non-Resident Aliens & Foreign Nationals

information into the Windstar database. Payroll Services will confirm the PR- 100 information in Windstar prior to approving any related salary action or lump sum payments in EPAWeb. Download the PR-100 form

706.1 - Procedure for Paying Non-Enrolled Students via Accounts Payable Campus Vouchers

-enrolled students who are not on the UNC payroll system. Procedure Form 706.1.1f should be filled out and submitted on departmental letterhead and attached to all payment requests for stipends or

Summer School Procedures Manual Chapter 00: Table of Contents

Title Summer School Procedures Manual Chapter 00: Table of Contents Procedures Manual and Forms 1. Introduction Summer School Staff and Administrative Board 2. The Program

Policy on Postdoctoral Health Insurance

1100---payroll-and-benefits ... coverage through the Postdoctoral Medical Insurance Plan must complete a waiver form for the departmental HR Officer to send to Payroll Services and Hill, Chesson and Woody. III. Other Provisions

Summer School Procedures Manual Chapter 01: Introduction

instructors, and using summer forms. Examples of forms are included. Please refer to this manual as you prepare your summer program; updates and revisions are made prior to the fall planning period