Summer School Procedures Manual Chapter 01: Introduction


Summer School Procedures Manual Chapter 01: Introduction

1. Introduction

The UNC Summer School Procedures Manual is designed to help summer administrators and managers develop Summer School programs. The Manual provides information about the planning calendar, course offerings preparation, personnel and staffing, faculty and administrator expectations, registration, and selecting instructors, and using summer forms. Examples of forms are included. Please refer to this manual as you prepare your summer program; updates and revisions are made prior to the fall planning period.

HR staff, please pay special attention to Sections 3,4,8,9,10 and 13.

Registrars, please special close attention to Sections 3,4,5 and 13.

Administrators, please special close attention to ALL sections.

If you have comments or questions, please contact Summer School at 919-966-4364 or

Summer School

CB# 3340, 134 E. Franklin Street



Jennifer Larson -

Administrative Director

Michael Smith -

Budget, Human Resources and Payroll

Academic Director

Erin Moseley -

Admissions, Faculty Nominations, Student Services, Academic Policy

School/Admissions Assistant

Valencia Flowers -

Applications, Records, Registration, Web Content, Student Services

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