136 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Policy on Overview of Online Interactive Payroll Systems



This program provides consistent procedures and capability for maintaining, recording, and reporting the University's personnel payroll information. In addition, use of this program reduces the cost of records maintenance; retains records as required by federal, state, and other agencies; preserves the records that are vital to the University; and provides needed documentation in the event of litigation.


All University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill employee compensation overseen by Payroll Services.


Policy Statement

The University shall utilize ConnectCarolina's HR/Payroll module in maintaining the operations of payroll processing, including salary and wage payments, time capturing, withholdings, benefits deductions, and personnel action histories. The interactive payroll operation includes capabilities to:

  • Capture and provide information for those employees who are subject to the state human resources act (SHRA);
  • Capture and provide information for those employees who are exempt from the state human resources act (EHRA);
  • Update personnel actions;
  • Record time entry and leave for SHRA employees, as well as leave entry for EHRA employees, through the Time Information Management (TIM) System.

ConnectCarolina's HR/Payroll module includes the capability to view all information regarding an employee, which contains the history of each employee's personnel actions.



Contact Information

Policy Contact
Subject Contact Telephone E-Mail
Interactive Payroll Systems Payroll Services 919-962-0046 payroll@unc.edu



  • April 5, 2023: updated language
  • October 1, 2014: Updated to reflect ConnectCarolina modules.
  • August 24, 2009


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