706.1 - Procedure for Paying Non-Enrolled Students via Accounts Payable Campus Vouchers


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Finance Procedure 706.1 - Paying Non-Enrolled Students via Accounts Payable Campus Vouchers



This procedure provides guidance on how to process payments to non-enrolled students via the Accounts Payable Campus Voucher system, which can not be processed in the GradStar system, as the majority of student financial aid payments are processed.

Scope of Applicability

In situations that fall outside of the usual payment process for student financial aid through GradStar, as outlined in Policy 706 or for non-enrolled students who are not on the UNC payroll system.


Form 706.1.1f should be filled out and submitted on departmental letterhead and attached to all payment requests for stipends or awards of any kind that are payable to a non-enrolled student. The non-enrolled student's award letter must also be attached. 

Non-enrolled students require a supplier ID to prepare an AP voucher.  Departments are responsible for obtaining form W9 and an Outside Party Individual (OPI) Certification Form to set up an OPI or an active PID for Affiliates to submit a supplier request in campus supplier. 

Please note the following: 

  • Stipends/awards and other financial aid for non-enrolled students should be paid through the accounts payable voucher system, using account 558430 in the chartfield string. Attach form 706.1.1f-request for stipend or award to a non-enrolled student and the non-enrolled student's award letter to the voucher.  If the non-enrolled student is on UNC payroll, then payment should be made through the payroll system. 
  • Fellowships for non-enrolled students may be paid by voucher using account 558440.  Attach form 706.1.1f-request for stipend or award to a non-enrolled student along with the non-enrolled students award letter describing the fellowship and other relevant documentation. 
  • If the individual is enrolled at UNC or classified as a student in ConnectCarolina, or has recently graduated from UNC, then payment for stipends/awards or other financial aid should go through GradStar.  If the award is open to the public, then the voucher system is appropriate. Use account 558420.



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Justin Hanford
Title: Voucher Team Supervisor, Accounts Payable and Vendor Services
Email: hanford@email.unc.edu
Phone: 919-962-0746

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