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The University's Board of Trustees has delegated to the Chancellor the authority to sign contracts on behalf of the University and has authorized the Chancellor to delegate that authority to other University employees. The University maintains a signature delegation chart that expressly outlines which other officials at the University are authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the University.
The purpose of this Procedure is to provide detailed, step-by-step guidance for UNC Adams School of Dentistry (ASOD) personnel to follow in the event of a potential bloodborne pathogens exposure. For a visual aid, see Attachment C ("Procedure Infographic").
The purpose of this Policy is to describe how faculty in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine’s Department of Health Sciences can engage in clinical external professional activities for pay, and to outline applicable parameters. This Policy is not intended to create an entitlement to perform clinical external professional activities.
The safety and well-being of our School of Nursing students, staff, faculty and visitors are of utmost importance. In preparation for the variety of emergency events we may be faced with, these procedures set forth the steps to be followed in the event of an emergency.
Policy provides guidance and requirements for maintaining a BLS/CPR certification. UNC Adams School of Dentistry (ASOD) personnel that are involved in professional contact with patients, clients, families, and/or human subjects are required to present prior to their start date and bi-annually thereafter, documentation of completion of an approved Basic Life Support (BLS) certification.
The purpose of this document is to establish the expectations for organizing and conducting activities relating to the UNC Adams School of Dentistry's annual Vendor Day.
Procedure for addressing swallowed objects during and outside regular hours, including instructions on clinical notes and updated processes.
To provide specific steps to create, review, revise, publish, and decommission official Adams School of Dentistry Policies, Standards, or Procedures. This Procedure applies to all Policies, Standards, and Procedures developed to support the internal operations of the Adams School of Dentistry, including the Dental Faculty Practice.
The purpose of this Procedure is to establish how requests to access patient records for research purposes will be reviewed, approved, and processed. This Procedure applies to all UNC Adams School of Dentistry personnel who seek to access Protected Health Information (PHI) for research purposes.
This Procedure provides guidance on how the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (“University” or “UNC-Chapel Hill”) School of Medicine (SOM) applies University Finance Policy 1269 - Mobile Device Stipend Policy and University Finance Procedure 1269.1 - Establishing and Paying for Mobile Device Stipend Procedure.
To ensure that UNC Nephropathology responds appropriately during emergencies, crises, disasters, or disaster drills, this policy has been developed to clarify disaster response and centralize reporting of available personnel.
Proper packaging of diagnostic specimens is required for safe delivery to their desired destinations. In order for specimens to be received in the same condition they were sent, special packaging to prevent breakage, leakage, or loss is required. Specimens requiring rapid delivery will be sent by FedEx.
The UNC Nephropathology Laboratory Safety Plan outlines the steps taken to ensure that laboratory employees and visitors are provided with an environment free from unnecessary hazards. In addition it describes specific staff activities designed to reduce the risk of injury and includes references to specific policies and procedures required by McLendon Clinical Laboratories and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH) Environment, Health and Safety Office (EHS).
Employee incident reporting is a critical element of UNC Health Care’s Hospital Epidemiology, Occupational Health, and Environmental Health and Safety/Workers’ Compensation Program. The purpose of completing incident reports is to document the nature and cause of the incidents. Monitoring incidents allows steps to be taken to develop methods for reducing and eliminating occupational accidents, illnesses, and exposures.
This document addresses UNC School of Medicine Nephropathology Laboratory general guidelines for waste management and covers laboratory safety rules and procedures for personnel, disposal boxes and sharps containers, and preparation of medical waste for contract incinerator service. This document is intended as a supplement to the McLendon Clinical Laboratories Safety Manual.