School of Nursing: Procedure for NC BON Requirements for New-Continuing Faculty Teaching in Pre-Licensure Program Options


School of Nursing: Procedure for NC BON Requirements for New-Continuing Faculty Teaching in Pre-Licensure Program Options

Unit Procedure



To ensure that faculty teaching in pre-licensure options comply with the NC Board of Nursing requirements for faculty.

Scope of Applicability

Applicable to all faculty who teach in pre-licensure nursing options.


Nursing Faculty who teach in the undergraduate pre-licensure options are required to meet North Carolina Board of Nursing (NCBON) standards. It is the responsibility of faculty to meet these requirements and to maintain appropriate documentation verifying their satisfaction of these rules. These standards can be reviewed at the NCBON website. At this site, click on "21 NCAC 36.0318 - Faculty." The standards are also attached to this document.

New Faculty

Faculty complete the NCBON Faculty Vitae form as part of the hiring process in OAS. The NCBON Faculty Vitae template can be found on the NCBON "Resources for Program Directors - Overview" webpage and needs to be completed by faculty in an electronic format.

The Division Head reviews the standards with the faculty at the time of hire, including a discussion of how the faculty has met or plans to meet the "preparation in teaching and learning requirement" 21 NCAC 36.0318 (g 4). If a plan for completion is developed, a target date for completion is agreed upon. Faculty are able to meet the preparation in teaching and learning requirements through a combination of methods as indicated by the NC Board of Nursing in NCAC 36.0318 (g 4). The Division Head will review the faculty member's plan and selected methods for meeting the requirements and will discuss the progress/completion of the plan at annual evaluation conferences. The target date for completion of the plan can be no later than three years following the date of hire.

The completed Faculty Vitae form must be sent by faculty electronically to the Associate Dean for the Undergraduate Program for review. Following review, the Associate Dean will forward the Faculty Vitae to OAS for placement in the personnel file and entry of data into the faculty database.

Faculty will review the status of their teaching/learning requirement plan annually at their evaluation conference with their Division Head. The Division Head will notify OAS and the Associate Dean for the Undergraduate Program of completion of the learning plan.

Continuing Faculty

Currently employed faculty will include, as part of their annual evaluation, their completion or plans to complete the teaching/learning preparation requirement.

Division Head will discuss the progress/completion of the plans at subsequent annual evaluation conferences. The Division Head will notify OAS and the Associate Dean for the Undergraduate Program of completion of the learning plan

Faculty Changing Teaching Assignments:

It is inevitable that faculty hired to teach at the graduate level may at some time be assigned an undergraduate teaching responsibility. Faculty who begin teaching assignments in the undergraduate program must meet the education standards or develop a plan for meeting the standards within a three-year maximum time frame.

One month prior to the start of each semester, the Associate Dean for the Undergraduate Program will review teaching assignments and faculty compliance with NCBON rules, using the database maintained by OAS. If faculty are identified who are not in compliance with the NCBON Rules, the Associate Dean will notify both the appropriate Division Head and the identified faculty member, to initiate a learning plan for the faculty member.

The NC Board of Nursing's requirements for faculty are:

21 NCAC 36 .0318 Faculty

(g) Nurses licensed pursuant to this Chapter who are full-time and part-time faculty and who teach in a program leading to initial licensure as a nurse shall:

  1. hold either a baccalaureate in nursing or a graduate degree in nursing from an accredited institution;
  2. have two calendar years or the equivalent of full-time clinical experience as a registered nurse;
  3. if newly employed in a full-time faculty position on or after January 1, 2016, hold a graduate degree from an accredited institution or obtain a graduate degree in nursing from an accredited institution within five years of initial full-time employment;
  4. prior to or within the first three years of employment, have education in teaching and learning principles for adult education, including curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation, appropriate to faculty assignment. Once completed, this preparation need not be repeated if employing organization is changed. This preparation may be demonstrated by one of the following:
    1. completion of 45 contact hours of Board-approved continuing education courses;
    2. completion of a certificate program in nursing education;
    3. nine semester hours of graduate course work in adult learning and learning principles;
    4. national certification in nursing education; or
    5. documentation of successful completion of structured, individualized development activities of at least 45 contact hours approved by the Board. Criteria for approval shall include content in the faculty role in the curriculum implementation, curricular objectives to be met and evaluated, review of strategies for identified student population, and expectations of student and faculty performance.
    Any registered nurse who was employed as a nurse faculty member or program director prior to January 1, 1984 shall be exempt from the requirements in Subparagraph (g)(4) of this Rule.
  5. maintain competence in the areas of assigned responsibility; and
  6. have knowledge of current nursing practice for the registered nurse and the licensed practical nurse.

(h) Interdisciplinary faculty who teach in nursing program courses shall have academic preparation in the content area they are teaching.



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Peggy Wilmoth, Executive Dean; Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

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Peggy Wilmoth

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