School of Nursing: Procedure for Faculty Search Committees


School of Nursing: Procedure For Faculty Search Committees

Unit Procedure



To provide guidance on conduct of a search

Scope of Applicability

All faculty and staff assigned to a Search Committee


Basic Search Rules/Regulations

  1. Search committee membership appointed by Dean with a minimum of three (3) members, one of whom must be a minority. Staff support assigned by Dean.
  2. All hiring supervisors, search committee chairs and members must complete the Online Search Committee Training Module before beginning the search process for any search process.
  3. First Committee meeting
    1. Dean delivers the official charge to the committee (in person or in writing).
    2. Distribution of materials by the HR Representative assigned to support the committee:
      • General posting information (minimum posting period for Fixed-Term is 14 days, Tenured/Tenure Track is 30 days, Administrative Appointments with a Faculty Rank is 30 days).
      • Examples of recent ads.
      • Communicating with applicants/candidates (EEOC Guide to Pre-Employment Inquiries).
    3. The Committee then:
      1. drafts ad;
      2. decides where to advertise (if other than University standard contracted advertisers);
      3. makes list of who should interview candidates;
      4. decides if candidate will do a presentation; and
      5. decides on method of evaluation/feedback and the evaluation tool to be used), etc.
    4. Committee agrees on basic guidelines for search. Specific items include, but may not be limited to:
      • meetings dates/times;
      • access of applications and CVs via PeopleAdmin;
      • screening rubric used for initial screening; and
      • interview guideline development.
  4. Search Committee Chair/support staff submits a "Request for Faculty Recruitment" and a draft of the advertisement to the designated HR Rep.
  5. HR Rep completes the online recruitment requisition, advertisements, and committee member information, and awaits approval from the Equal Opportunity Office (EEO).
  6. HR Rep informs Search Committee Chair and Staff support when approval is granted. Automatic web postings of the approved recruitment are generated to both the UNC-Chapel Hill website and the Inside Higher Education website.
  7. HR Rep coordinates additional ad design/cost/placement. (HR Rep will email Search Committee Chair the actual advertisement, cost of advertisement/running time frame, etc. for approval. As a general rule, advertisement costs should not exceed more than $2000. The HR Rep will monitor advertising costs and discuss with Search Committee Chair as necessary)
  8. HR Rep sends the SON Webmaster or Director of Communications the link to be placed on the SON website.
  9. Applications can be viewed/screened and ranked by the committee members as they are collected in the People Admin system. No interviews should be initiated/conducted until the Interim Selection Document has been submitted and approved by EEO (see steps 9-11).
  10. Second Committee meeting
    1. review CVs;
    2. ​​​​​​​determine who to invite for interviews (phone or in-person) based on data from screening rubric; and
    3. decide on potential dates for interviews.
  11. Search Committee Chair/support staff submits/emails the names of those candidates no longer under consideration and reason(s) for elimination to the HR Rep.
  12. HR Rep submits the Interim Selection Document and informs Search Committee Chair and Staff support when approval from EEO is given.
  13. Once the Interim Selection Document is approved by EEO, the Search Committee Chair/support staff may contact applicant(s) and arrange for an interview (see attachment for direction on seeking 4 letters of reference/letters of evaluation); these may be faxed in but originals are needed if candidate is offered the position, the HR Rep must include the original reference letter on letterhead with signature
  14. If CVs are received after the Interim Selection Document has been approved and before the "14 or 30 day minimum posting period" deadline, the information in step 10 should continue to be collected and provided to the HR Rep, so an addendum can be completed and submitted to EEO. If a CV is received after the "14 or 30 day minimum posting period," you only need to provide the HR Rep the information in step 10 if the committee is interested in offering an interview to this candidate, so an addendum can be completed and submitted to EEO before the candidate can be interviewed.
  15. Interviews are conducted.
  16. Third Committee meeting
    1. review feedback data from interviews,
    2. make recommendation decision, and
    3. write recommendation letter to Dean (identify acceptable vs. not acceptable and outline strengths and weaknesses of each candidate interviewed).
  17. Dean/Search Committee meet (if necessary).
  18. Notify the HR Rep of the name of the candidate to be offered the position with specific reasons for the selection which is information needed for the Final Selection Document. The HR Rep provides the prospective faculty appointee with information on the background check. The prospective faculty appointee may be given a verbal offer and is made aware that it is contingent upon the successful completion of the background check. The prospective applicant completes the background check information online after they receive the link via email. Once results are received back from the Background Check vendor, the HR Rep files the Final Selection Document with EEO for approval.
  19. The HR Rep notifies the Search Committee Chair/Dean/Division Chair of the approval and the candidate is sent an official letter of appointment from the Dean if it is a Tenured/Tenure Track position or from the Division Chair if it is a Fixed Term position.
  20. Once the letter of appointment is accepted, the Dean notifies the Search Committee Chair. The Search Committee Chair then notifies remaining candidates interviewed (verbally/in writing or both) of the decision.

Basic "Interview" Details

  1. Determine three or four potential dates to offer for interviews (consider the Dean's availability.)
  2. Search Committee Chair makes call to candidate to offer interview/confirm interview date, briefly outline expectations of visit, make sure to tell them about presentation and give idea of what presentation should include (some give a list of questions to which they can respond); give candidate the name of staff support that will be in touch to discuss logistics such as travel, hotel, AV equipment, etc.
  3. Support staff will book hotel (have billed to SON); check flight possibilities and book flight; once flight known, schedules transportation to/from airport/hotel for both arrival/departure
  4. Search Committee Chair/support staff use attachment for direction/timing to send reference request letters (ask letter to be faxed back, with original mailed back, so it will be available to search committee with other evaluation data)
  5. Email sent to faculty/staff/students (as appropriate) announcing interview dates
  6. Candidates are usually flown in the afternoon/early evening before one-and-a-half (1.5) day interviews with potential dinner meeting arranged on first day (depends on arrival time, etc.)
  7. A member of the Search Committee transports from the hotel to the SON in the morning and from the SON back to the hotel in the afternoon
  8. Interviews usually run from 9:00am to 5:00pm (second day might be a half day and breakfast/dinner meetings can be scheduled as desired)
  9. Interview schedule arranged based on Search Committee's list of people to interview candidates; candidates should also be asked to identify one or two people/groups with whom they would specifically like to meet (remember that we are recruiting in addition to evaluating candidate)
  10. Email faculty/staff/students (as appropriate) about the presentation date/time, where to review CV/evaluation form.
    1. Presentation is usually one hour with a 45-minute presentation and last 10-15 minutes for Q&A.
    2. The Chair of Search Committee introduces the candidate at presentation.
    3. Support person works with IT for appropriate AV equipment - most presentations are videotaped.



Contact Information

Primary Contact

Valerie Howard, Dean

Other Contact

Peggy Wilmoth, Executive Vice Dean and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Important Dates

  • Effective Date and title of Approver: 08/2001
  • Revised: 7/2007
  • Revised: 2/2011
  • Revised: 11/2016

Approved by:

Nilda Peragallo Montano (Peggy Wilmoth, Executive Vice Dean - Representative)



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