706 - Student Payments Paid via Accounts Payable Campus Vouchers Policy


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Finance Policy 706 - Policy on Student Payments Paid via Accounts Payable Campus Vouchers



The policy provides guidance for entering student payments in the Accounts Payable campus voucher system

Scope of Applicability

Campus departments that process student payments


Policy Statement

Student payments for stipends, fellowships, scholarships, and awards are deemed financial aid and must be entered in the GradStar system. Payments for these awards are processed by the Cashier’s Office after entering in GradStar. Financial Aid recipients are issued federal tax form 1098T by the Cashier’s Office. Accounts Payable vouchers are never used for student payments deemed financial aid effective August 1, 2021.

This policy addresses situations that fall outside of the above process. In emergency situations, if a student is tasked with conducting University business, or if acting on behalf of a student organization, departments may utilize the campus voucher system in Accounts Payable for reimbursement purposes. Outside of these two unique situations, normal procurement rules apply, and personal funds should not be used. 

As a reminder, travel conducted on behalf of the university is reimbursed through the university’s travel system, Web Travel or Concur. Concur for student travel is expected to be implemented in late 2021 or early 2022. Until that time, Web Travel will be used for student business related travel. To receive a reimbursement for business expenses or travel through Web Travel, a student must be set up as with a vendor ID in the Connect Carolina campus supplier system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What payments should be processed for students in Accounts Payable?

A:  It is appropriate to process business expense reimbursements as described above by campus voucher. It is not appropriate to process reimbursements for expenses incurred in conjunction with academic programs (reimbursement for poster materials for a course, for instance. Those reimbursements are financial aid and should be entered in GradStar). 

Q:  Are there prizes that can be paid by campus voucher for students? 

A:   Prizes and awards that are open to the general public can be paid by campus voucher in Accounts Payable. Prizes and awards restricted to students (including students at other institutions) are considered financial aid. For students enrolled at UNC-CH, GradStar must be used for payment through the Cashier’s Office. For students not enrolled at UNC-CH, a campus voucher in Accounts Payable can be issued to the student’s institution or the student directly. In either case, a supplier ID must be generated for the institution or the student, through campus supplier. See information at the following websites and guide for creating a supplier:

Q:  If I am a student and I win a prize for a contest open to the general public, will I receive a tax form?

A:  Accounts Payable will issue an IRS form 1099M for this prize, if total prize payments to the student for the year exceed $600.

Q:  In the past, I would automatically request a vendor ID for students in my department. Is that still necessary?

A:  No, a vendor ID would only be necessary if a student is receiving a reimbursement for university business expenses as described in the policy statement. A vendor ID is also required until Concur Travel is implemented. There is no reason to automatically set up a vendor ID for a student unless you are aware that travel or expense reimbursements are a certainty. 



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Justin Hanford
Title: Voucher Team Supervisor, Accounts Payable and Vendor Services
Email: hanford@email.unc.edu
Phone: 919-962-0746


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