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The UNC Health Care System (HCS) requires that all members of the workforce be trained on policies and procedures related to protecting the privacy and security of PHI. Because many of our faculty supervise students, practice, or conduct clinical research at UNC HCS or at other health care facilities that have similar training requirements, all SON faculty and students are required to complete HIPAA Online Training annually.
The general use of social media by SON faculty, staff and students is not affected by the following policy, rather its use related to confidential information about the School (including the faculty, staff and students), patients or SON-clinical affiliates (agencies with which the SON has entered a contractual relationship to provide clinical experience opportunities for students) is notably restricted.
The purpose of this policy is to set forth the mission, membership, and governance of the School of Nursing (SON) staff organization.
The purpose of this policy is to outline the requirements for employees working in clinical environments who have professional contact/interaction with patients, clients, families and/or human subjects.
The purpose of this policy is to state the School of Nursing's commitment to staff professional development and to outline how staff professional development funds are awarded.
The overall purpose of the Staff of the Year (SOY) Award Program is to encourage a high level of job performance and to publicly recognize employees who perform at a high level. Specifically, the criteria for the award will be based on performance others consider exemplary, and for being a team player who contributes to the general success of the School of Nursing (SON).
The purpose of this policy is to provide a fair and equitable allocation of parking permits for School of Nursing (SON) permanent employees. An equitable parking policy should be one that reflects some consensus of the views held by those affected by the policy. There is no parking policy that will be satisfactory to everyone because there is neither a sufficient number of permits allocated for prime lots nor a sufficient number of permits for all faculty and staff desiring parking.
Faculty/staff who are licensed nurses and whose employment involves professional contact with patients, clients, families and/or human subjects are required by the School of Nursing (SON) to present pre-employment and bi-annual documentation of completion of an approved Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certification.
We believe faculty and staff departures should be appropriately acknowledged and treated equitably in the School of Nursing in terms of expenditures of School funds. This standard is intended to provide guidelines to help us achieve such equity. Please note references made to full-time-equivalent (FTE) service, refer solely to service within the School of Nursing and is inclusive of either 9 or 12-month appointments.