School of Nursing: Policy On Sharing Facilities And Administrative Cost Reimbursement

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School of Nursing: Policy On Sharing Facilities And Administrative Cost Reimbursement



To specify distribution of facilities and administrative (F&A) cost reimbursements received on externally funded projects.


Applicable to principal investigators (PIs) of externally funded projects.


Policy Statement

On April 10, 2007, Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development, Tony Waldrop, shared the University's policies on sharing F&A cost reimbursements received on collaborative externally funded projects (See A. through E. below). This guideline provides a standard formula for distributing F&A when collaborations involve more than one department, school, center or institute, Dr. Waldrop has indicated (via the memo and in person) that units may establish their own agreements for sharing of F&A and that these may take precedence over the standard formula. The memo states that sharing is required whenever a proposal has Co-PIs and strongly encouraged whenever a proposal has a single PI and one or more Co-Investigators with a person-month or more of their time formally committed to the project in the budget.

The F&A sharing policy for the School of Nursing follows Dr. Waldrop's guidance with minor stipulations that were developed and approved by the Policy Board of the Office of Research Support and Consultation (RSC). The Board reviewed the complex interdisciplinary teams that are inherent in types of research our faculty undertake, evaluated the impact of the standard sharing formula, and explored alternatives to the standard formula. The Board adopted the following policy, which was approved by the SON Dean's Cabinet at its February 18, 2008, meeting.

A. Collaborative Relationships

The policy below applies when a School of Nursing faculty member is the PI or a Co-PI on a project.
When a project is led by Co-PIs (NIH term=multiple PIs) who share scientific leadership and responsibility for the project, the standard university formula will apply:

  • 3.9 percenta Originating School, Center or Institute
  • 5.2 percentb Home Department(s) of the PIs
  • 5.2 percent Unit where award is administered
  • 5.2 percentc Unit(s) where work is actually performed

B. Joint Appointments

When a School of Nursing PI or Co-PI has a joint appointment with another department or unit, the conditions of that appointment may affect the above distribution. While some joint appointments do not involve fiscal arrangements, others specify that F&A from grants will be shared. In these cases, the prior agreement for sharing F&A would be applied to the 5.2% for the Home Department of the PIs, with the remainder of the distribution following the formula outlined above

C. Sole SON PI Submitting Through Another School

When a School of Nursing PI is submitting a grant through another school on campus, the formula for sharing F&A outlined in "A" above will be followed.

D. Co-Investigators

F&A is not shared with Co-Investigators. Our investigative teams tend to be large and sharing with co-investigators would result in challenging budgetary exchanges of very small amounts of money with multiple units. Further, some co-investigators serve more in advisory or access-granting capacities and are not intimately involved in the scientific or operational aspects of the study.

E. Deviations from the Policy

Deviations from this policy may be negotiated with the approval of the Dean of the School of Nursing or the Associate Dean for Administration, with consultation from the Associate Dean for Research.


  1. Vice Chancellor Waldrop's memo indicates that for units not reporting to a Dean, the 3.9% goes to the appropriate vice chancellor.
  2. The 5.2% for the home departments is divided based on the proportion of time budgeted for the Co-PIs. For example, if two Co-PIs are each budgeted at 25%, they would share the 5.2% equally (thus, each home department would get 2.6% of the F&A, or 13% of the 19.5% returned to the SON).
  3. Unit where the work is performed is defined as the unit(s) providing specific research space for the project.



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Policy Contact

Jennifer Leeman, Associate Dean Research

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  • Effective Date and title of Approver: 11/5/2019


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