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Student research, while conducted under the guidance of one or more faculty members, generally belongs to the student, which includes publication rights. Exceptions to this ownership include the student's research being based on data: (1) provided by one or more faculty (or non-faculty data providers), or (2) collected while working on a faculty member's research project.
These small grants are provided to faculty conducting early stages of research or research in a transitional phase to accrued data necessary to support applications for external funding.
To describe support for writing and management of National Research Service Awards (NRSAs). To clarify distribution of the institutional allowance allocation on NRSA (F31) awards. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) intends that the "allowance defray expenses for the individual fellow such as research supplies, equipment, travel to scientific meetings, and health insurance and to otherwise offset, insofar as possible, appropriate administrative costs of training.
This guideline provides a standard formula for distributing F&A when collaborations involve more than one department, school, center or institute, Dr. Waldrop has indicated (via the memo and in person) that units may establish their own agreements for sharing of F&A and that these may take precedence over the standard formula.
The University of North Carolina is the legal owner of all student and post-doctoral fellow research data obtained to meet degree requirements or as part of a grant to the University. University Policy requires that faculty maintain custodianship of student research data and that students be able to have copies of their data.
The School of Nursing is committed to the conduct of research as a core component of its mission. As part of this commitment, the School will facilitate, within identified parameters, the potential participation of School of Nursing students as subjects in research projects of faculty and students in academic units at UNC-CH as well as entities beyond this campus. Participation by students as subjects in a research project is always voluntary.
Employment at the University is contingent upon faculty meeting and maintaining essential compliance requirements. In addition, the many clinical agencies with whom School of Nursing (SON) faculty engage as part of their teaching, research, or service mission(s) have policies that must be adhered to as per contractual agreement. These clinical site requirements are in addition to University employment-related policies.