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This document describes the guidelines by which UNC-Chapel Hill faculty can be nominated to teach Summer School courses.
The amount of money available for non-personnel expenses of Summer School varies from year to year. Allocations are made for Supplies and Materials for Summer School courses. It is recognized that the expending of non-personnel funds may secondarily benefit instruction in fall or spring terms.
Only current graduate or undergraduate students can be nominated as an instructor or in any other instructional support position, such as a grader. Units may not appoint anyone else into these positions. If a graduate student is to be graduated in May, he or she must be appointed as a visiting faculty member, following the appropriate procedures and conforming to the academic credentials required in a particular college or school.
This document describes and serves as the repository for four Summer School forms: the Summer Administrator Form, the Instructor Nomination Form, the Other Instructor Nomination Form, and the Change Form.
Faculty members at UNC Chapel Hill School of Nursing hold either nine-month or twelve-month appointments. Both groups receive paid time off on state-approved holidays. Otherwise, salaries for both groups are based on worked time and distributed across 12 monthly paychecks.