School of Nursing: Policy On Assistive Devices For Examinations

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School of Nursing: Policy On Assistive Devices For Examinations



To be evaluated at next review.


To be evaluated at next review.


Policy Statement

Assistive devices, such as PDAs, camera phones, calculators, translators, or other electronic devices, are not allowed into an examination session for use by students unless faculty have approved use of these devices for all students prior to the examination. One exception to this is the use of assistive devices that have been approved by Disability Services. In instances where an assistive device has been approved by Disability Services, the student should inform the course faculty prior to the examination session.

English as a second language is not classified as a disability by the University. Further, licensure and certification examinations are conducted in English. Use of translation devices is not permitted in the undergraduate program during course exams or program performance testing. Permission to use translation devices at the graduate level must be obtained by students from the course coordinator in advance of the planned use.

New technologies will need to be monitored and evaluated as they become available. Questions about assistive devices can be directed to course faculty or the appropriate Program Director.



Contact Information

Policy Contact

Carol Durham, Faculty Chair

Important Dates

  • Effective Date and title of Approver: 10/2004 approved by the Academic Affairs Council


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