School of Nursing: Contract Process For Fixed-Term Faculty


School of Nursing: Contract Process For Fixed-Term Faculty



Provides policy and guidance on Fixed-Term faculty contracts.

Scope of Applicability

Fixed-Term Faculty in the UNC School of Nursing

Policy Statement


Faculty who are hired onto the Fixed-Term Track are a valuable part of the School of Nursing and make numerous, important contributions to the School of Nursing. The offer of a contract and the length of that contract is an administrative function. Below are the principles that guide School of Nursing Fixed-Term Faculty Contracts.


  1. Awarding of contracts and the length of each faculty contract is an administrative function.
  2. Contract renewal is based on both the needs of the School of Nursing and faculty performance over the length of the previous contract.
  3. Contracts are not tied to the time of promotion, and promotion is independent of length of contract.
  4. Contracts are typically 1-3 years in length.

Contract Guidelines

  1. New faculty hires, regardless of rank, typically will be offered a 1-year contract.
  2. Instructors will receive 1-year contracts and Assistant, Associate and Full Professors on the Fixed Term Track may be considered for contracts up to 3 years in length.
  3. The Academic Associate Deans will provide both documentation of the faculty member’s performance via Annual Evaluation data and a recommendation for length of contract period to the Executive Leadership Team* at the meeting where contract renewals are discussed.

*Members of the Executive Leadership Team are: Dean; Associate Dean, Academic Affairs; Associate Dean, Administration; Associate Dean, Research; Associate Dean, Global Initiatives; Assistant Dean, Inclusive Excellence; and the Associate Deans for each of the academic programs.



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Margaret Wilmoth, Executive Vice Dean

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