SHRA One-Time Recruitment Incentive Leave


SHRA One-Time Recruitment Incentive Leave



To aid in the recruitment of middle or late career applicants to positions that the University has identified as critical to the agency mission and for which the agency has documented recruitment difficulty attracting qualified applicants or for applicants to "middle management positions", the State permits the University in certain circumstances to provide one-time recruitment incentive leave for new SHRA hires.

When such leave is approved by the Office of Human Resources (OHR), it will be awarded as a one-time leave accrual of 20 days. To ensure consistent use of this incentive across the University, lesser awards of incentive leave will not be approved.

Scope of Applicability

It is incumbent upon the dean or division head of the requesting department to approve and ensure consistent application of this policy across the school or division concerned.

This benefit may only be awarded to individuals who are middle to late career which means they have 10 or more years of directly related work experience in their chosen profession.


Policy Statement


Incentive leave may be awarded to an SHRA "middle management" hire when it can be demonstrated that the individual being hired is presently employed in a position outside of North Carolina State Government and has a higher leave accrual than would be provided under the State's current annual leave policies for SHRA employees.

Incentive leave may be awarded to any other middle to late career hire only when the position being hired is deemed as critical to the University's mission and for which the University has documented recruitment difficulty attracting qualified applicants.


For departments who believe they have a situation where the SHRA one time incentive leave may be helpful in securing an eligible candidate, they should contact their assigned OHR Employment and Staffing Consultant for consultation. If the situation appears to be eligible for use of this leave, the department will be asked to submit the "Incentive Leave Request Form." The award of one-time incentive leave should not be communicated to a prospective employee until after approval is obtained from OHR .

Approved one-time incentive leave is tracked directly by the department and not within the University's Time Information Management (TIM).

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