Limitations on Political Activities


Limitations on Political Activities


Each employee retains all of the rights and obligations of citizenship provided in the Constitution and laws of the State of North Carolina and the Constitution and laws of the United States of America. However, no employee subject to the North Carolina Human Resources Act shall take any active part in:

  • managing a political campaign,
  • campaigning for political office, or
  • otherwise engaging in political activity

while on work time or within any period of time during which the employee is expected to perform services for which compensation is received from the State. Also, no employee subject to the State Human Resources Act shall otherwise affect the results of a partisan election involving candidates for office or party nominations through the use of:

  • authority and prestige of position,
  • State funds, or
  • use of State property.

No State employee or official shall use any promise of reward or threat of loss to encourage or coerce any employee subject to the State Human Resources Act to support or contribute to any political issue, candidate, or party.

Failure to comply with this policy is grounds for disciplinary action which, in case of deliberate or repeated violation, may include dismissal from employment.

Employees in Federally-aided programs are also subject to the Hatch Political Activities Act (as amended), 5 U.S.C. 1501-1508.

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