Administrative Absence Leave (SHRA)


Administrative Absence Leave (SHRA)



The administrative absence leave policy ensures fair and consistent application of University leave policies and appropriate use of University resources.

Scope of Applicability

This policy applies to full-time and part-time (half-time or more) SHRA employees who have a permanent, probationary or time-limited permanent appointment.


In order for an event to be eligible for administrative absence leave, it must occur during the employee’s regular work schedule. If an employee’s job responsibilities include attendance at an activity or event, then attendance will be considered a work assignment and be included as hours worked for purposes of computing overtime for Fair Labor Standards Act nonexempt employees.

Department management shall grant paid administrative absence leave to an employee for any of the following purposes:

Service on State Boards

Administrative absence leave shall be granted for employees to fulfill their responsibilities as members of councils, commissions, boards, and committees established by the General Assembly or other bodies established by the Governor and Council of State. If an employee is required to attend any meeting as a part of his/her job responsibilities, attendance will be considered a work assignment and not leave. Employees may not accept fees for serving unless provided otherwise by law; but they may retain reimbursement for expenses incurred provided they are not reimbursed for the same expenses by the University.

Employee Transfer

When an employee transfers to a new duty station 35 miles or more away from his/her current residence, department management has the discretion to provide reimbursement of moving expenses if the employee chooses to change place of residence due to the new duty station. Administrative absence leave may be granted up to a maximum of three trips of three days each to locate a new residence. Up to two days of administrative absence leave may be granted while the employee moves household and personal goods from the old residence to the new one.

Smallpox Vaccination

Administrative absence leave (up to a total of 480 hours) shall be applied when the employee who has received a smallpox vaccination has an adverse medical reaction to the vaccination, or the employee is permanently or temporarily living in the home of a person who has received a smallpox vaccination and the absence is due to the employee having an adverse medical reaction resulting from exposure to the vaccinated person or the need to care for the vaccinated person who had an adverse medical reaction to the vaccination. Department management may require the employee to obtain certification from a health care provider justifying the need for leave after the first 24 hours (three days) of leave taken.


Employees shall request administrative absence leave in accordance with departmental policies regarding leave request.

Use of administrative absence leave shall be recorded and tracked by the department’s HR Representative or Time Information Management (TIM) Administrator. Administrative absence leave does not contribute to time worked for determining overtime eligibility and will be offset by any additional time worked during the workweek.


The North Carolina Office of State Human Resources periodically requests a report of administrative absence. Compliance with this policy ensures accurate reporting to the State.


Department Management: The person or persons in an employee’s School/Division/Department authorized to allow leave under this policy.

SHRA Employees: Employees subject to the State Human Resources Act.

Roles & Responsibilities

Department Management: Authorizes use of administrative absence leave; may authorize reimbursement of moving expenses for employee transferring to new duty station 35 miles or more away from current residence; may require certification from a health care provider for employee requesting smallpox vaccination-related administrative absence leave.

HR Representative or TIM Administrator: Records and tracks administrative absence leave.

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