708.3 - Procedure for Requesting and Paying a Speaker


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Finance Procedure 708.3 - Procedure for Requesting and Paying a Speaker



To facilitate a quicker process for a special category of Independent Contractors, an abbreviated checklist is available for speaking engagements.

Scope of Applicability

In order to qualify for using the abbreviated checklist, the speaker must be paid no more than $5,000, must perform speaking services that do not exceed one week during a calendar year, and must be able to sign IRS Form W-9 as a US person. Each speaking engagement is separate, and speakers may provide more than one speaking engagement per calendar year using the abbreviated checklist as long as $5,000 and one-week criteria limits are met. If a speaker will provide more extensive services (i.e. professional consulting or training) or services lasting more than one week, will be paid more than $5,000, or cannot sign IRS Form W-9 as a US person, a standard Independent Contractor checklist (Finance Form 708.1.1f) is required instead of the abbreviated speaker form. Departments that hire speakers may use this option when the requirements are met.


To request a speaker, obtain department approvals and send the Speaker Checklist (Finance Form 708.3.1f) and IRS Form W-9 to the speaker for completion and signatures. Obtain department signatures.

  1. Enter the abbreviated speaker checklist at the Independent Contractor page in Connect Carolina:
    Finance Menu>UNC Campus>Independent Contractor>Add a New Value>Set ID: UNCCH>.
  2. At the drop down questions, select "Yes" at the "Are you submitting a form for a speaker?" question.
  3. Select "Yes" at the "Will the engagement be completed within one week?" question.
  4. Click "Add."
  5. Complete the general information section, speaker checklist, how fee is determined, and certification of UNC at Chapel Hill Department sections.
  6. Upload signed speaker checklist and completed IRS Form W-9.
  7. Departments will receive an approval email when checklist is approved in Accounts Payable.
  8. After receiving the approval email from Accounts Payable, request a supplier ID at Campus Supplier (see the "Requesting Suppliers and Independent Contractors" guide for instructions). The speaker checklist and form W-9 will be available in Campus Supplier when requesting the supplier (do not have to upload again).
  9. Request payment for the speaker through Campus Voucher (see the "Creating Campus Vouchers" guide for instructions).
  10. Upload the speaker approval email and supporting documentation (Invoice, checklist, or email documentation) in the campus voucher system. Do not upload IRS Form W-9 to the Campus Voucher system.

Payment will be made by check to the address on the checklist unless direct deposit is requested. See Finance Procedure 1218.1 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Procedure on Determining Vendor Documentation for instructions on gathering direct deposit banking information.


The speaker checklist is not allowed for longer engagements, engagements exceeding $5,000, or speakers that cannot sign IRS Form W-9 as a US person. Use the standard Independent Contractor checklist instead (see Finance Policy 708, Finance Procedure 708.1 and Finance Procedure 708.2).

Related Requirements

External Regulations and Consequences

University Policies, Standards, and Procedures

Contact Information

  1. Yamaris Fontanez
    Title: Independent Contractor Reviewer
    Unit: Accounts Payable and Vendor Services
    Email: fontanez@email.unc.edu
    Phone: 919-843-5047

  2. Jezreel Hunter
    Title: Vendor Team Supervisor
    Unit: Accounts Payable and Vendor Services
    Email: jezreelw@email.unc.edu

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