1218 - Vendor Onboarding Policy


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Finance Policy 1218 - Policy on Vendor Onboarding



The University of Chapel Hill Conducts business with many domestic and foreign vendors, as well as Independent Contractors. All suppliers not already established in our system of records will need to complete a new vendor registration in PaymentWorks, a cloud-based supplier onboarding solution.


This policy applies to any individual or business conducting business with the University at Chapel Hill and receives payment for services or products.


Policy Statement

Before a vendor - business or individual - can conduct business with the University, the vendor must be enrolled by completing a new vendor registration in PaymentWorks.




  • Domestic Vendors - means a U.S. citizen or business licensed to operate in the U.S. who is a supplier of a good or service.  This can be a student, employee, individual (such as staff member) outside party (such as a local business) and outside party (individuals and attorneys).
  • Foreign Vendors - Foreign vendors are defined as any vendor whose business headquarters location is outside of the U.S., the Virgin Islands, or Puerto Rico. 
  • Independent Contractors - Independent Contractors differ from approved University Suppliers (vendors) in the fact that their work is short-term (less than one year), written for a specific intent and includes a total pay amount pre-determined by the campus unit. Independent Contractors are not required to go through a bidding process but are required to do a background check (unless the contract is for a one-day speaker).  See Policy 708 for complete details. 

Related Requirements

University Policies, Standards, and Procedures

  • Finance Policy 707 - Policy on NC Income Tax Withholding Requirement for Non-Wage Compensation Paid to Nonresidents
  • Finance Policy 708 - Independent Contractor Policy
  • Finance Policy 709 - Policy on Federal and State Tax Withholding Requirements for Payments to Non-Resident Aliens Performing Services in the United States

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Accounts Payable and Vendor Services 919-843-5098 919-962-2356 accountspayable@unc.edu


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