707.1 - Procedure for Payments for Personal Services of a Non-North Carolina Resident


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Finance Procedure 707.1 - Procedure for Payments for Personal Services of a Non-North Carolina Resident


Payments for personal services may be processed in one of three ways. Independent Contractor payments, campus vouchers and purchase orders can all be used to pay for personal services. Accounts Payable reviews the payment documents and applies the tax withholding as appropriate.

Forms and Instructions

Links to instructions for all these document types can be found on the Finance and Budget Training and Development webpage.


  • Campus Voucher - A campus voucher is how University business staff indicate that a payment is needed to a product or service provider, either by check or electronic payment, as a reimbursement, as a cash advance, as a campus unit's request for petty cash or for paying an independent contractor.  
  • Purchase Order - or purchase requisition on this campus, is a list of goods requested by the University from a supplier and indicates a plan to purchase the goods. The supplier than delivers the goods and sends an invoice for payment of the goods, usually requesting payment by a specific date. 

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Non-resident withholding Accounts Payable and Vendor Services 919-843-5098 919-962-2356 accountspayable@unc.edu
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