1229 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Policy on Responsibility for University-Purchased Goods, Services, and Equipment



This policy establishes responsibility for internal controls over University purchases after the purchase has been made and delivered.

Scope of Applicability

All of UNC-Chapel Hill.


Policy Statement

The administrative head of a University school, department, or division (such as a chairperson of a department), or the principal investigator (PI) of a sponsored research project, is accountable for all supplies, services, materials, and equipment purchased in the school’s, department’s or center’s name, regardless of the source of funds. The administrative head is responsible for developing and implementing the internal controls necessary to protect such materials from theft and abuse, and that accurate records be maintained regarding proper identification and location of movable equipment. Furthermore, the administrative head is responsible for ensuring the goods and/or services provided meet and continue to meet the specifications, terms and conditions indicated on the relevant supplier contract or purchase order (PO).



Frequently Asked Questions Addendum to 1229

Q: May my department sell or trade in University-owned items, for example, something purchased on Ebay?

A: Trading in University property is permitted, but only with prior approval from UNC Asset Management and the State of North Carolina Surplus Property Agency. A department can sell property to another University department or can request the Capital Asset Manager post the item for sale via auction on the State Surplus Property Agency’s website for bid. If a department already has an interested buyer (such as a vendor or another institution), the department is required to submit a letter to the Capital Asset Manager requesting permission to sell the item at the agreed-upon price. The Capital Asset Manager then requests permission from State Surplus for the sale. If the State Surplus Property Agency approves the sale, they will bill the receiving institution. Payment must be received by State Surplus Property Agency before the item may be removed from campus.

Q: My department is moving to a location across campus and I need to take my equipment with me. Are there any special considerations concerning this relocation?

A: Yes, you must notify UNC Asset Management of the relocation of the equipment by filling out a Finance Form 603.5.1f - Capital Equipment Relocation and submitting it to their office.

Q: Who is responsible for handling the transaction if my equipment is in need of repair under warranty?

A: UNC Purchasing Services will assist the end user with any warranty repairs/issues.

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Policy Contacts
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Purchasing Services 919-962-3774 purchasing_team@unc.edu
Asset Management 919-962-6271 assets_team@unc.edu
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