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The Adams School of Dentistry (ASOD) email system is an essential means of communication to facilitate the business of the School and its faculty, staff, and students. The purpose of this Standard is to ensure that the email and calendaring systems are used in the most appropriate manner.
The University deals constantly with the public's perception of how we conduct the business of the University. All University employees must be constantly mindful of the public trust that we discharge, of the necessity for conducting ourselves with the highest ethical principles, and avoiding any action that may be viewed as a violation of the public trust.
Procedure on Reporting Misuse of University Property or Funds
It is important for employees to exercise care and sound judgment in the use of University property and funds in order to maintain the public trust.
The purpose of this document is to create a policy to: (1) mandate training for all Travel & Expense Card (T&E Card) Accountholders and (2) enforce penalties on T&E Card Accountholders who violate their Accountholder Agreement by not complying with the terms and conditions regarding use of their T&E Card account.
The purpose of this general order (G.O) is to ensure that personnel are familiar with the requirements for reporting misuse or suspected misuse of state property. It is the policy of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Police Department (UNC-CH Police Department) to ensure that the misuse of state property is properly reported and investigated.
The purpose of this policy is to encourage individuals to report possible Wrongful Conduct to an appropriate authority so that prompt, corrective action can be taken by the University and to protect reporting individuals from any Retaliation for reporting Wrongful Conduct.
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ("UNC") One Card is a multipurpose identification card that also serves as a card for library and meal plan use, building access, copy and print services and access to campus events. This Cardholder Agreement document explains how to get a One Card, how to report a lost or stolen One Card, and financial responsibilities that come with having a UNC One Card.
The State of North Carolina requires all state agencies to maintain Asset Management systems. The State Controller's Office requires an annual physical equipment inventory to be conducted by each campus department.
To provide guidance regarding requirements to report actual, attempted, or suspected: Arson; Damage; Embezzlement; Theft; or Misuse Of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH) property or resources.
This policy is to ensure that all purchases of goods or services made by faculty and staff at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are in compliance with North Carolina law (§ 143-58) as enacted by the legislature and implemented by the State Department of Purchase and Contract.
This policy establishes responsibility for internal controls over University purchases after the purchase has been made and delivered.
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill values and supports entrepreneurial activity by faculty. Faculty use of university resources in support of appropriate entrepreneurial activities may be allowed provided these activities do not conflict with applicable policies regarding use of public facilities for private gain. Incidental and minimal use of office, library, machine shop, personal desktop work stations, storage servers, communication devices, or clerical staff is permitted.
This policy is to ensure the purchases of goods and services are not for the personal benefit of any employee at the University.
Consistent with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's (the "University's") research, teaching and public service missions, the University encourages faculty, staff, and students to engage in appropriate outside relationships with private industry and the nonprofit sector. While engaging in these relationships, members of the University community are expected to avoid conflicts of interest or commitment, unless such conflicts are allowed in this policy.