1114 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Policy on W-2 Annual Earnings Statements



In accordance with federal and state tax laws, the University provides this policy to inform employees of the annual schedule for distributing earnings statements to use for their reporting responsibility to the IRS.


All University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill employees receiving compensation through Payroll Services.


Policy Statement

Each January, the University is required to provide each employee a Wage and Tax Statement Form W-2 reporting salary, wage, and other payments processed through the payroll system during the prior calendar year. W-2s will be available in ConnectCarolina Self-Service to all current and former employees by the January 31 deadline.  Current and former employees who have not consented to paperless delivery of W-2s will have a paper copy W-2 mailed to their address on file as of January.  

Employees can update their address in ConnectCarolina Self-Service when needed.

Paper form W-2s will be postmarked for mailing by January 31.  If an employee does not receive a form W-2 after allowing reasonable time for the form to be delivered or forwarded, the employee can download the W-2 from ConnectCarolina Self-Service or contact Payroll Services and request a duplicate copy. Duplicate copies are processed annually in starting in mid-February.  For employees who have had a change of address since the UNC address on file, it is recommended that the employee consider completing a change of address form with United States Postal Service wherein one can specify the forwarding of mail from the prior address to the new address.

Special Situations

A Statement of Earnings is sometimes needed by University employees during the year, especially for those persons leaving the country or who, for other reasons, need a certification of the amount earned to date for the year. Any employee needing a Statement of Earnings should contact Payroll Services to have one prepared.

Additional Information

For further information, please visit the UNC Payroll Services W-2 webpage.


Contact Information

Policy Contact
Subject Contact Telephone E-Mail
W-2 Payroll Services 919-962-0047 payroll@unc.edu
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