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The University provides individual health insurance coverage to eligible temporary, full-time postdoctoral appointments under a major medical policy underwritten by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Carolina and managed by Hill, Chesson and Woody.
This procedure describes methods of payments to graduate students.
This procedure describes the online enrollment process, and required student and department information needed to enroll eligible students in the Graduate Student Health Insurance plan.
The associated department(s) must verify student eligibility before enrolling the graduate student in the Graduate Health Insurance Program (GSHIP).
This procedure describes the GSHIP insurance premium payment process and subsequent distribution of charges to the departments.
This policy provides eligibility criteria and other provisions of the Graduate Health Insurance Plan (GSHIP).
Foreign nationals will complete tax forms based on the criteria set forth from the University. This criteria is determined by the federal immigration and tax laws.
Overpayment occurs when compensation that is not owed to an employee is paid in error. The primary cause of employee overpayments is late salary actions; however, this does not negate an employee's obligation to repay overpaid funds immediately.
This procedure provides information for foreign national employees who are completing tax withholding forms, whether they are visiting Teachers/Researchers (visiting scholars) or Students (graduate student research and teaching assistants as well as other student employees).
Outlines steps to have tuition and fees deducted from paychecks.
The University provides this policy to apprise its employees of taxes required to be withheld from their payroll.
This policy establishes the various types and frequencies of payroll distribution for all University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill employees.
This policy establishes Connect Carolina HR/Payroll as the official University system for processing EHRA and SHRA employee information. Maintaining records online allows for speedier, more accurate records while maintaining proper University business standards. It also replaces paper forms, streamlining the entire employment process.
Foreign nationals receiving scholarship and fellowship assistance must complete taxation forms. These forms are used in determining the appropriate method of taxation and withholding. To determine which forms should be completed, there are certain rules and regulations that are applied to each foreign national.
The purpose of this policy is to provide information regarding tax withholding for foreign nationals receiving scholarship and fellowship assistance.