Adams School of Dentistry: Student Withdrawal Policy


Adams School of Dentistry: Student Withdrawal Policy

Unit Policy

I. Introduction

A. Purpose

The purpose of this Policy is to establish how withdrawal and reapplication will be facilitated.

B. Scope of Applicability

This Policy applies to all Adams School of Dentistry students and residents.

II. Withdrawal

A. Formal Withdrawal

Formal withdrawal, which is prerequisite to potential readmission to the School, must be approved by the specific program director (Office of Academic Affairs for DDS students). The application for formal withdrawal must be made in writing to the program director. Such a withdrawal may be approved following an investigation of the circumstances surrounding the request. For ADE students, this request is done online through the Graduate School.

If a student withdraws after mid-semester, a "W" will be recorded for all courses for which the student is currently enrolled and "Withdrawn" will be recorded on the student's transcript.

B. Reapplication Following Withdrawal (applies to DDS and DH students)

Students who formally withdraw from the School may apply for readmission immediately, but must comply with the admission process for prospective students. The student will be required to provide evidence that subsequent performance is likely to meet or exceed minimum standards. Readmission is not automatic, but is contingent upon acceptance by the appropriate Admissions Committee and final approval by the Dean and is dependent upon a favorable assessment of the student's potential for meeting the School's standards based on a consideration of all the relevant facts and circumstances.

To request readmission following withdrawal from the School, application must be made to the respective Admissions Committee using the same admissions process as required for all prospective students in the program. Requests for readmission, which also require payment of a new application fee, will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee at its next regularly scheduled meeting. Applicants must meet the standards of admission that are applicable at that time and be interviewed by the Committee. Admission is not guaranteed, even if the student is academically eligible. If the Admissions Committee recommends that the student be readmitted, the student's standing in the program will be evaluated by the respective performance review committee prior to the student's entry in the program.

For students who are readmitted following withdrawal, grades earned for the courses the student previously completed will be counted toward the cumulative GPA for purposes of determining eligibility to graduate. If the student is readmitted more than five years after the withdrawal, previous coursework will not be counted toward the cumulative GPA for purposes of determining eligibility to graduate.

Students who have taken a leave of absence or a formal withdrawal and who have been absent from the School for fewer than two years are minimally expected to repeat the year in which they left the School. Students who have been absent two or more years are expected to repeat more years as determined by the respective professional review committee. Clear evidence must be provided that the original issues leading to the leave or formal withdrawal have been resolved.

Any student who takes a leave of absence or a formal withdrawal is expected to satisfactorily complete benchtop activities or academic evaluations to determine the student's knowledge level prior to returning to his or her program.

III. Contact Information

Topic, Officer, and Contact Info Table
Topic Officer Contact Info
General questions about this Policy Executive Vice Dean for Education
ADE questions Associate Dean for ADE
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