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The Adams School of Dentistry and its students have a shared responsibility to prepare those students both academically and clinically for the practice of dentistry. Successful knowledge and skill-based development requires attendance of all classes, laboratory, and clinical sessions as outlined in the curriculum schedules and course syllabi
Consistent with its mission and philosophy, the School of Nursing at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is committed to providing educational opportunities to students with disabilities.
To be eligible for promotion, students must successfully complete all course work and appropriate examinations/competencies, satisfy assigned patient care responsibilities, and comply with the technical standards for the semester under review. The determination of promotion is made by the Academic Performance Committee.
Regular clinic, lab, and class attendance is a student obligation. A student is responsible for all labs, clinic/rotations, class sessions, and classwork, including assignments, projects, examinations, and other course requirements, for all scheduled meetings. No right or privilege exists which permits a student to be absent from any given number of labs, clinic/rotation, or class sessions.
Each DDS student's academic and patient care performance must be reviewed throughout the semester. Student performance will be monitored regularly during the semester by faculty and course directors. This includes student compliance with the ASOD Technical Standards in all academic environments.
The purpose of this Policy is to establish how student reclassification and dismissal will be executed. This Policy applies to all Adams School of Dentistry students and residents.
The Undergraduate Dental Hygiene Program (“Program”) regularly monitors and assesses the academic performance and progression of each student enrolled in the program. Upon entry, each class/student is assigned an Academic Advisor who will monitor the student’s progress towards degree completion. While students are required to have an initial meeting with their advisor upon entering the program, additional meetings may be recommended depending on specific student needs.
The purpose of this Policy is to establish how withdrawal and reapplication will be facilitated. This Policy applies to all Adams School of Dentistry students and residents.
The purpose of this Standard is to ensure efficient operations and academic integrity in the Adams School of Dentistry ("ASOD") assessment process. This Standard applies to all written assessments administered by the ASOD to its DDS and DH students.