Adams School of Dentistry: Policy on Office Assignments


Adams School of Dentistry: Policy on Office Assignments

Unit Policy

I. Introduction

A. Purpose

The UNC Adams School of Dentistry strives to optimize space for educational, clinical, and administrative activities. The University allows the School to manage its own space consistent with institutional policies, standards, and procedures. Recognizing that space is a finite resource within the School, this Policy outlines how office spaces shall be assigned.

B. Scope of Applicability

This Policy applies to all Adams School of Dentistry personnel, including adjunct faculty and those in phased retirement.

II. Definitions

  1. Division Chair - for purposes of this Policy, this term also includes administrative unit heads (typically at the Assistant or Associate Dean level) who supervise faculty and/or staff

III. Policy

The Adams School of Dentistry is committed to allocating office space in a fair, equitable, and efficient manner. Support Services, at the direction of the Dean, is responsible for the general allocation of space within the Adams School of Dentistry buildings. Division Chairs are responsible for individual office assignments within their Division's allotted space.

Office assignments are subject to the following standards:

A. Faculty (including Adjuncts)

  1. Faculty members who are 0.7 FTE or greater may occupy one (1) private office.
  2. Faculty members below 0.7 FTE must share an office space with one or more other employees.
    1. On rare occasions, the Office of the Dean may approve an exception to this in consultation with the Division Chair.
    2. Examples of these rare occasions may include:
      1. faculty members who are former Deans
      2. faculty members whose percentage of efforts are focused on one specific area (e.g., research) and whose contributions greatly enhance the mission and objectives of their Division or the School.
  3. Notwithstanding Section III-A(2), faculty members in phased retirement may remain in the office they occupied prior to entering phased retirement for a period of one (1) year. At the conclusion of the first year in phased retirement status, faculty members are required to move into a shared office space.

B. Staff or Other Personnel

  1. Staff may be assigned to an open space concept, a shared office, or one (1) private office.
  2. When considering a private office assignment for staff, Division Chairs or unit/team supervisor should consider the following questions:
    1. Will the staff member routinely discuss confidential or sensitive matters?
      1. Keep in mind that the HIPAA Privacy Rule does not require that all risk of incidental use or disclosure of Protected Health Information ("PHI") be eliminated, as long as reasonable safeguards are in place to protect an individual's privacy.
      2. Examples of these safeguards would include keeping discussions to a reasonable volume, reserving a private room for more sensitive discussions, privacy screens, or installing white noise machines.
    2. Does the staff member supervise others?
    3. How will staff office assignments impact office availability for faculty in the Division?

If additional space is needed, Division Chairs must contact Support Services. Spaces allocated for a particular use (e.g., clinical, research, or storage) shall not be converted for another use (e.g., office assignment) without approval from Support Services.

IV. Related Requirements

A. External Regulations and Consequences

  1. UNC-CH Policy on Access and Use of Buildings
  2. UNC-CH Facilities Use Standard
  3. UNC-CH Standard on UNC Room Numbering
  4. UNC-CH Procedure for Vacating/Moving Laboratory Space

B. Unit Policies, Standards, and Procedures


V. Contact Information

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