Procedure for Vacating/Moving Laboratory Space


Procedure for Vacating/Moving Laboratory Space


  1. Written notification to the UNC Department of Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) is required prior to vacating a lab or moving into a different lab. Prior to moving into a new lab, the room/s must be authorized and posted for radiation use.
  2. When vacating a lab, remove all sources of radiation from the lab space, source vials, aliquots of radioactive material, experiments containing radioactive material and radiation waste.
  3. Decontaminate all areas where radioactive material was used, and decontaminate all equipment (refrigerators, freezers, incubators, centrifuges, microfuges, etc.) that contained radioactive material.
  4. Perform a radiation survey of the whole lab including all equipment that may have contained radioactive material (Geiger counter survey and wipe test survey).
  5. The Safety Clearance Form (Appendix F) is to be used for rooms/equipment that contained radioactive material, have been decontaminated and surveyed, and are considered safe for any use.
  6. After survey of equipment and if equipment is to be moved, transferred, surplused or remain in the vacated space, remove the radiation labels on the equipment, and attach a Safety Clearance Form (Appendix F) to the equipment. This form verifies that the equipment is considered safe for any use. Contact EHS for new radiation stickers as needed after moving/repairing equipment. Do not allow maintenance staff or the moving crew to repair/move/transfer equipment with radiation labels affixed to it.
  7. Notify Environment, Health and Safety via the Safety Clearance Form (Appendix F) that lab space is ready for a final clearance survey by one of our EHS Safety Officers.
  8. Never remove the room sign. Environment, Health and Safety will remove the room sign after an EHS Safety Officer has completed the final clearance survey of the vacated lab space.
  9. Call EHS for questions: 919-962-5507.

Prohibitions for Surplus Property

The following items are prohibited from being sent to Surplus Property:

  • Standing liquids
  • Chemicals
  • Used needles (unused syringes are okay)
  • Used fluorescent bulbs of any size (unused bulbs are okay)

The following must be cleared by EHS before being sent to Surplus:

  • Any items containing mercury
  • Any items containing asbestos

The following items must be cleaned and cleared by PI (with clearance form attached, and all labels defaced or removed) before being sent to Surplus Property:

  • Items labeled with “Radioactive Materials” or “Radiation” signs, stickers, or tape. (Radiation-producing machines with permanent labels must be handled on a case by case basis)
  • Items labeled with “Biohazard” sign, sticker, or tape.
  • Laboratory equipment (including casework, fumehoods, etc.)
  • Some refrigeration units require Freon removal. Contact the refrigeration shop at 919-962‐1087 to see if this is required. If the refrigeration unit has been used ONLY for food, AND is serviceable, the Freon does not have to be removed.

The following item must be disposed of through MMD Central Receiving:

  • Gas Cylinders

Contact Information

Primary Contacts

For Environment, Health and Safety questions regarding your move please contact the following personnel:

Personnel Contact Information Table
Area Person Phone
Biological Safety Amanda Craigen 919-962-5726
Chemicals/Hazardous Waste Hazardous Materials Manager 919-962-5509
Lab Safety Plan and Chemical Inventory Sara Johnson 919-962-9061
Radiation Safety Jonathan Moore 919-962-5713
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